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So I read a think and scholarly work on improving sales of a product by simplifying its place in the “brands cape”.  Now, I want to note here that the mere existence of the word brandscape suggests horrible, horrible things.   I just see these fat white guys with sweat stained armpits and pocket protectors beating their heads on a conference room table, saying “One pun, one play on words in the whole report we just have to!”  And then finally this one guy stands up and starts laughing hysterically, “I’ve got it, I’ve got it!” He yells between choking laughter.   “Replace the phrase “all available marketplace brands in the target market with  ha ha HE HE HAAAA HAA… BRANDSCAPE!  Its clever because it sounds like landscape, but its not, it’s Brandscape.  Get it?  Do ya get it???”  And they all fall off of their armless office chairs and roll on the hard coffee stained carpet, laughing like maniacs…
  Regardless, the book addressed what an other author he regularly  quoted called “overchoice”  (If fact the entire book is just a highly applicational  rewrite of Future Shock)   It basically says that in an attempt to meet every possible customer desire products have been niche-ified to the point that the customer reaction is one generally of panic.   For instance there are, currently 57 verities of Crest toothpaste, including tubes, pumps, gel, paste, tartar control, baking soda, glitter, mint, etc.   Thats just Crest mind you.
  The book is full of these stats.  So are you ready to answer the million dollar question, the answer to which took 270 pages get across? 
Q:  How do I sell my brand in a cluttered and competitive brandscape?
A:  Sell the best product you can, for the best price with the best marketing you can afford.
Yup.  270 pages. A college professor and marketing consultant and that is their official advice.  Sell good stuff cheap with slick marketing.  I’m glad that we have these sort of people around.  I can’t imagine what our economy (and brandscape) would look like with out them.

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  1. You so smart.

    Comment by Becky | November 13, 2006 | Reply

  2. Thanks for boiling down that book for me. Now I can laugh like a maniac at the authors because I refuse to read their drivel.

    Comment by CC | November 15, 2006 | Reply

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