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Well.   Everynight I seek to learn something new, not only from the highly informative books I read but also about peer to peer social networks.  I never really spent much time age stratified peer groups becuase of my, shall we say, unique education.  So  its all very new to me.  Last night was sort of a hit and a miss.  I learned one very important thing.  No mater how founded in total garbage it is, don’t challenge a persons concept of self. 
  So for instance, if a women thinks that its a man world and all trouble that befall females go back to their basic status as victims awash on a uncontrollable sea of bigotry and sexism.   No amount of logic, reason, etc is going to make her see it any differnently because it entails not a worldview, but ultimately a selfview.  I have always know that I perfered the company of my wife to all other women, and that my wife while her behaviour has , on occasion caused me diress, has never purposely hurt me.  Which was a refreshing change from some of the real winners I went out with.
   Now I understand why.  Its because my adorable wife doesn’t think she is a victim.   From the victim mind set you can treat a man as badly as you want when you’re hurt, because no matter how much of a bitch you are, your temporary cruelity is only fair payment for years of culturally inflicted “abuse”
  Now for the miss:   So one of the females I work with said, “Oh and I suppose your one of those guys who thinks that men and women can never be friends because sex always gets in the way!”
To which I said “No, thats silly.  I have the self discipline not to sleep with my friends”  Both girls in the office were shocked and appaled.  Now this is what confuses me.  What appaled them?  In this *ahem* elightened age, our their really women out there who are surprised that men are biologically wired to consider all eligible females as potential partners?  Being attracted to all women between 18 – 40 doesn’t make you swine.  Attempting to sleep with them does, but the intial attraction doesn’t even take place at a cognitive level. 
  Oh, and I read most of the way through The Gas Turbine Engine.  Good book, if your into that sort of thing.


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