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Ok, what I really wanted to talk about the other day was not vortex tubes but actually something bigger that they are part of:  Machinese that have no moving parts.  There is a whole world out there of machines that do complicated jobs with out moving.  
-Letter U-
There’s the Hiller Pulsejet.  The Hiller Pulsejet generates thrust with out moving parts.  Its a peice of pipe that has bent into U and has a slightly differnt shape of cone on each leg.  If you spray fuel into it and light it is sucks air in the back, and throws it out again with more power.  So it makes thrust.  You can power a jet with it if you want.  It uses a lot of gas, its really noisy (its sort of a cross between an organ pipe and blow torch) and it is limited to about 300 mph before its own resonance chokes it out.
-Vortex Tubes-
Ok, I went over this pretty exhuastively yesterday, so I’ll just say it seperates the hot and cold component out of warm air.  With no parts.
-Einstien’s Fridges-
Einstien and his good friend, Leo Szilard (nuclear physicist) were moved by the story of Berlin family died when their fridge developed a coolent leak (Before the 1930 invention of Freon refridgerants were made of some nasty chemicals.)  So they desighned 3 reefers units  that use no moving parts.  One ran of off heat of a flame, one off of  electriciy, and one of of the water pressure from tap water.  All had no moving parts.  (And all were made to run off of a common utilities.  Beautiful)
These are so old that despite a couple of people who provided huge amounts of work on the subject and even started companies to produce their products, you can’t really say anyone invented them.  Injectors are used to inject water under pressure into a boiler.  That sounds really easy, but actually if you think about it its really odd.   See if a boiler is at 300psi, then the steam leaving it is at 300psi.  How would use that same pressure to pump into itself?  Its sort of like trying to sail a ship by bolting  a big fan on the boat behind the sail.  But they do it (I could explain why, but hey its more fun to think its magic anyway.)
These use a little bit of high pressure air to move a ALOT of low pressure air.  (About 25X more).  Oddly enough they can also if, configured a bit differntly be used to pump all the air out of a tank.  So they use pressurized air to make a vacuum.  Odd.
-Deleval Nozzle-
This is the key to rockets, injectors ejectors, etc.  It turns pressurized gas that isn’t moving into low pressure gas that is really really moving (1500+ mph for a start).     You can make a rocket by just filling a pressure tank and fitting it with a well designed nozzle.   Even if the tank is just filled with water. Not steam. Not special water.  Just water.  A recent team got 2000 feet of altitude with just such a device.
-Vortex Tubes 2.0-
This is basically like 1.0 but instead of being made to make hot and cold air, its made to separate heavy and light things that are mixed together.   You might see one in a nice vacuum cleaner.  Or an uranium enricher, in case you aren’t to impressed with vacuum cleaners.
-Vortex Tube 3.0-
This one looks a lot like 2.0.  But no one really knows how it works .  You put concrete, excrement, leftovers,  small dogs, whatever in it and the vortex in it reduces absolutey what ever is put into it into  dry .000 004 sized bits.   
-Tesla’s Transformer-
Alright all the above work by having very specialized geometry that alows them to use the air that flows through them as a moving part.  The Tesla Transformer, is one of the weirdest.  The transformer, unlike everything above doesn’t actually do any work.   See electrical power has about 4 componants.  Wattage, ampage, voltage, and frequency.    Wattage is universal.  It refers electircal power.   If you have 100W of electricity it could be 10V and 10A or it could be 100V and 1A or 50V and 2A, ect.  Frequency can go up or down and doesn’t really effect the others. (Actually there is a lot more on that, but for simplicity we’re letting it go.)   A transformer lets you dial in whatever kinda of electricity you what you want.  At 99.98% efficiency.   Its the one of the most effiecient machines ever made.  With no moving parts.  Nothing else even comes close.
Think about it.  They add.  They sort.  They  count.  They can build cars or anything else you can think of.  I am using around 300 just to write this.  In the form or solar panels they make power from light.  In the form of thermo couplings they make power from heat.  In another type of thermocoupling they can refrigerate or heat.  They turn electrical power into any kind of radiowave you want. 
-Vacuum tubes-
Ok, so these can’t really don’t do anything that microchips can’t do better, and often cheaper.  But among machines that don’t move these have kind of cool advantage you can make them on your kitchen table with flash paper, old light bulbs, a blow torch, and some bell wire from radioshack.
-Lighter than air crafts-
Flying through bouyancy.  Move by jet streams.  How cool is that?
-Heating elements-
Put these under a a 40 Ton peice of equipment.  Move around factory with fingertip.  Really.
Push threw air.  Fly.  Its easy to forget how amazing that is.

I’m sure there are hundreds I’m missing.  They are the bread and butter of are mechanized age.    So NEXT Blog, I am goint to answer the burning question on all my readers minds.  WHO CARES?  We shall see.


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  1. I care. I care about nice vacuums. I, yes, even I, who live with and listen to you, didn’t realize just how many things we really depend on that don’t move. Like lights. I mean, seriously, what would we do if lights had to be lubricated daily or have oil changes or something. My days feel full enough without adding oiling the lights to the list. 🙂

    Comment by Becky | November 21, 2006 | Reply

  2. You’re right I don’t care…unless it negatively effects me. For instance, if the moving part engine on the airplane stopped working the wings would become useless. That would make me care a whole lot. Or if my vacuum cleaner gets clogged up. That annoys me and makes me care.

    Comment by CC | November 22, 2006 | Reply

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