Ronin of the Spirit

Because reality is beautiful.

A nightmere, but well edited

I actually saw this…uh, this isn’t for the faint of heart, so consider yourself warned.

A vast horizon of pure space.  Silent.  Ancient.  Stars shine far away and cold.   In the center of the screen is  a tiny white ship, totally dwarfed by the magnitude of space.   Closer and closer till I can see the individual windows on the hull.    A family lives here.  A father, wife, eldest and youngest daughters, are the only life in this huge emptiness.  It seems as if they have always been here silently floating through the cold.  The youngest daughter handles the stress by becoming ever more manipulitive and cruel.  The oldest duaghter always headstrong, but pure hearted, remains pure hearted, but under the stress of the claustraphobic ship, alone in the vastness, she has occasional bursts of violence, it is not these bursts of violence which turns the family against her however, but her insistance on looking at the terror of their situation (ie, totally and completely alone and without help)  honestly.   She won’t play the social games of the family that everything is just fine.  She’s not hysterical, far from it.  She just sees thre real horror of it all.   The youngest daughter begins to play the parents sickness and her own back and forth.  The begin to gradually twist the mind of the oldest daughter.  Using the DNA machines in the ships infirmery they steal the oldest daughters DNA and begin to make a grotesque thing which is neither really human, nor really anything else, but is alive.    The family (all but the oldest daughter) begin to constantly experiment on the pitiful creature, partly for the pleasure of the cruelty to it, partly for the pleasure of the cruelty to the eldest daughter, who knows that it is part of her.  As the creature is artificially evolved into tortured but obedient pet, the family begins to ignore the eldest daughter more and more, and when not ignoring they grow increasing hostile, finally sedating her in her quarters to more conviently play games with her flesh puppet.  The camera angles used get increasingly bizarre and chaotic as the family spirals into madness.  The colors begin to blur, and the photography style starts to slip into video intercut with hand drawn cells (like the really old animations).  Finally, the oldest daughter realizes what is happening to her, and to them all.  She pulls her last bit of clarity and will power together.   She grabs the only weapon she can get in her weakend drugged state, a fork,   At this point the frames of the movie are total chaos and the sound track is nothing but noise.  She kills the flesh puppet first, then wounds her sister and her mother.  The father is trying to dash away to somewhere.  The noise, the chaos, the screaming, all goes up to a creshedo then goes white.  The whole time the camera is just barely out of the way of the fists.
    Next scene:  same opening shot, only as the camera closes in on the ship, its not there.  Just a tumbling mass scorched metal.  Only the small conic section of the front remains intacked, and its very damaged.  Aperarently, after she killed her whole family she couldn’t go on and self destructed the ship, but the last frame sort of indicated that there was tussle for the destruct, the dad rushing to protect “the button” . 
     The whole thing was filmed in 1st person.  But whoever you (the camera) is isn’t ever spoken to, just always there watching.  The camera watching the litter of the ship slowly tumble through space, with the same sense of timelessness of before.  This is the first time since the start of the movie that the camera is not this claustaphobic 1st person view in that tiny cage of ship anymore, its back to the godlike 3rd person.
    And then the voice over starts.  Its the eldest daughter talking, but you know she’s dead. The whole movie her voice got crazier and crazier the whole time.   But now she sounds totally serene.  She’s talking.  TO YOU (the camera)
    The camera draws onto that conic section.  It matches spin with it so it is if it is sitting still and all the stars and other debris are.  Preserved in this section is a tiny but servicable stateroom.
 And she says “Where are you, my love, I’ve searched your quarters, but you are not there…    The camera goes by some writing left on a bulkhead.  Captain’s Quarters.

I’ve looked in the chapel of the God you claim to love…
The camera turns around to another bit of debris.  Its just a section of floor and wall, with a Cross shaped window over a kneeling board. 

I’ve searched the whole length of the ship for you, but where are you? The camera starts to move out to get the full scope of the wreckage

Are you hiding?  Are you afraid of me, now…” The camera is starting to return to the same camera shot that began the movie only with ship in pieces.

Or have I made our love something less than beautiful?
Original shot (only ship destroyed) Screen goes black.

It was YOU.  You were the person that watched all of this.  The first person camera shots were you.  You watched all the pain and suffering.  You didn’t protect her.  You loved her, and that kept her sane, but in the end keeping her sane made her a target.  In the end the only sane act was to self destruct the ship.  She probably need your help for that, because you were the FRIGGIN CAPTAIN.  I mean through out the movie you get the idea that this person who’s eyes its filmed from is helping her, but you never know for sure.  Now every disturbing image in the film you remember as the man who loved her instead of just the camera man.  The opening shot where the ship is alone in the vastness of space, YOU piloted it there because you were the captain.  This whole thing sort of bears on YOU.  And now somehow, some part of her spirit is still there confused hurt by the final betrayl of you not somehow being with her.  Before she was alone in this ship with her family.  Then alone in this ship against her family.  Now, just alone.  Forever.

If that doesn’t freak you the heck out of you, I don’t know what does.  As I read over this I don’t think words really do it justice.  It was the freakiest thing I’ve ever dreamed.

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  1. That beats my nightmare last night. I dreamed I was back on Saipan and there was a huge Tsunami and the car filled up with water and I was desparately trying to get the kids out of their carseats. That by the way is one of my true life (awake) nightmares. That the car will get stuck in water and I will not be able to get the kids out of their carseats in time.

    The way you describe the nightmare sounds like a movie. It was insane and scary. I bet you woke up sweating and took a good 15 minutes to talk yourself down from it!

    Comment by CC | November 25, 2006 | Reply

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