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As my young warrior princess says: “Weeeel1” for you crazy non Pinyin readers the 1 on the end indicates first tone, a ringing harmonic holding tone used in Chinese.  Well, indeed.  I got my newest asignment today.  Sounds vaugely interesting.  I go in to tell the Air Force where I would like to be when I do the thing that they want me to do.   Its a little tradition in the Armed Services.  You give them a list of bases that you would really like to go to.  The problem, of course, is that if YOU wish to go there so do a vast many other people.  So you go to Guam instead.  With a mop.  A mop the whole island.  Twice.  But you’ve got to go down a’ swinging, so I will go fill out the list.
(When the official DOD name of a document is “The Dream Sheet” its best not to get to hopeful.)
Work continues on my engine with no moving parts, the E-Jet.  I’ve been reading all the papers that are publically available on Google on previous engines and have had all of my basic concepts vindicated.  I still need to build some models. 
    I am also writting story about my own Utopia.   Its about a society that uses laws to channel the free market in such a way that market forces themselves ARE social engineering programs rather than TAXES ON the markey creating the funding for social engineering. 
And I watched the Truman show again.  Man that is a incredible movie.

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  1. Truman show is one of my favorite movies. The same person wrote the movie Gattaca. You should check it out!

    Comment by CC | November 29, 2006 | Reply

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