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Tonight at work I was able to watch most of the Phantom of the Opera between calls.  It just so happens that I also have this P of the O techno remix on my computer (I am listening to it right now.  Now, the first thing I have to say is that I really dislike serious operas.  You’re watching this girl trying to escape from the clutches of this twisted and psychotic (though very talented) man, and she pauses in the middle of escaping for a little solo.  That sort of thing makes me crazy.  Actually I don’t even like the opera style when I understand what people are saying.  In Italian its just beautiful music, but in English is just people singing there lines.  So my mind began to wander, and I wondered if they’re was a interesting new take that could made of it.
    I decided that a really cool (if artistically appalling) action movie could be made.
See the Phantom could be a little boy in theater troop.  The whole troop perishes in an opera house fire, but, able to crawl into the sewers underneath the theater, escapes though horribly scared.  He finds that the fire had been on purpose by an evil land owner who has burnt down tenet houses and any place where the poor congregate in part of a vast conspiracy to control Paris and become obscenely rich.  (Which largely works)
    Gradually he grows older, and very well read by reading the books that people throw away.  He also becomes very well acquainted with the Paris organized crime syndicate. (They dispose of bodies in the sewer.)   The evil landlord builds a lavish and expensive opera house/criminal headquarters over the charred remains of the first theater, and directly over the Phantom.  The phantom is content to remain cloistered in the cities
    He threw some means realizes that the adopted daughter of the crime lord is in fact his sister, who didn‘t die in the fire after all.  When she is killed the Phantom decides to take down the slum lord.  He begins by traveling through the sewers and assassinating business men and government officials connected to the landlord.  Finally the movie ends with a 30 minute orgy of death in which the Phantom kills all of the bad guys in the opera house with various booby traps, dueling pistols,  and sabers.   
That’s my plan.  It beats the heck out of the one I watched tonight


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  1. So does he stop in the middle of the killing spree to do a little tortured soul solo?

    Comment by CC | December 4, 2006 | Reply

  2. Tru dat!

    Comment by Becky | December 4, 2006 | Reply

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