Ronin of the Spirit

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Entry for December 06, 2006

It happened.  I got placed in charge.  And told to whip my team into shape.  So now I am person who can delegate the nothing that we do everynight, but I have to make sure that all the nothing is properly notated.  Sigh.  I passed my evals (as usual) and my arms really hurt now.  I found out when I am supposed to report to my new base, but can’t get my orders yet.  And I got in trouble for not signing something, which I was “punished” for but do to unique circumstances my punishment effects me in no way what so ever.   Weeeeee.
Oh and I saw the Nintendo Wii.  I wanna touch it.  I want to have it in my home.  I want to put it on a little silk pillow.  Its incredible.  Its not even that advanced as a processor, but the human interface with it is the most brilliant I have ever scene.  Its going to be the 64 1/2 Mustange of consels.


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