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Holy Lust?

You know its easy to forget that my friends and family read these blogs and it is not just me practicing my typing.  That is, until I write an article about sin/porn/identity/reality.   That  really seems to have thrown the proverbial rock into the proverbial hornets nest.   I appreciate the feed back!  And I want to clearify what I think the Bible says about lust. 
    The Bible does NOT forbid lust.  The word translated as lust in the context of illicit sex  is translated as fervent desire in more positive contexts.  Several of the commands to “desire earnestly” the things of the Lord use an identical word as is translated “lust” in other contexts.  Its been a very long time since I did that word study, but I am relatively sure that’s true in both Greek and Hebrew.
    It is the rare act that God finds so intrinsically evil that it is sin regardless of the object of the act.  Homicide and  incest  all spring to mind.  Homicide is commanded when the object is just revenge  and incest was the method by which the all the earliest generations got here.   The point is God looks at the object/motivation/purpose  of an act and judges each act individually. 
    Lust, even in the context of sex is clearly NOT forbidden.  The Song of Songs makes that very clear.  Even the most euphemistic translations are going to reveal a pretty randy narrative.  A randy narrative about 2 people who desperately love each other with a holy and God-given love, but a randy narrative never the less.  They want each other RIGHT now, they are filled with desire for each other, and to be satiated with each other.  That’s lust.  And clearly, here, holy lust.
    The issue is not lust.  It is what/who you are lusting after and WHY.   If a man buys a Playboy magazine to look at the pictures as an aid to masturbation and sexual fantasy, the Bible makes it about as clear as day: that’s sin.  If a man looks at his lawful wife and wants her right now on the kitchen table: Praise God!  But both are lust.   I stand by my statement that the mechanism by which porn rots a person is the LIE, and if that lie isn’t addressed then it will fester somewhere else.    Address the lie.  Shine the light and the darkness flees, curse the darkness and you soon find yourself trying a new darkness.  It is the non-reality that kills, and commitment to a greater communication with reality (God being both the author of reality and being real Himself) which ultimately brings life. 
    Ultimately my point with the previous post was to say that while the porn is an sin (and make no mistake, it is indeed a sin) my POINT is that I am learning not to let the yuck factor of porn distract from the fact that other sins  which operate by  similar means are just as funky.

Thanks all for reading, and I welcome any thoughts on this, Peace out.


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  1. Here I am 6 weeks later, HAVING to comment. I say again… lust is sin… period. The fact the hebrew or jewish word translated as “earnestly desire” one place is translated “lust” in another only proves that the meaning of those words is based on the context. A man does not “lust” after his wife… he earnestly desires her as does the Bridegroom his bride in The Song of Songs. When the word is correctly translated “lust” the meaning is clearly the SIN of desiring that which one is forbidden to have. Which is why greed is lust and gluttony is lust. If your point is that there are other sins as EVIL as lust, you are quite right. The danger I would see is using the argument of “Holy Lust” to rationalize other sins.

    Comment by RiverRatRanger | January 22, 2007 | Reply

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