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Entry for December 15, 2006

Ten days till Christmas, and only a few more till I can get the heck out of here. I spent the last 12 hrs in a 12X14 room with the same 5 people and I am ready to snap. Oh, and I just peed my self straining to hard to push a fart. Hows that for sophistication. On the plus side there is a huge storm somewhere out in the Pacific so we should be getting 20′ waves pretty soon. Thats pretty big for out here. Maybe that is big anywhere, I don’t really know.
Well, I am presenting my Christmas Demands:
1. Any how to book that I can enjoy reading over and over. I enjoy how to books about renewable energy. I could use a good American Cars 1890-1942 reference. (I’ve got enough post-war reference.)
2. A good how to Pulsejet book.
3. Family Guy seasons 1-whatever.
4. The Visible DOHC 4
5. The Visible OHV V8
6. Anything ironic and smart alecy on a T-shirt (If its merely tired humor I’m not interested.)
7. High quality teas
8. Odd ball sodas (The kind that you get in health food stores)
9. Static model DC-3
10. static model 1964 1/2 Mustang
11. static model Sopwith Camel
12. Metric and English Crows Foot socket set (3/8 drive)
13. Radio Shack 500 and 1 Electronic Experimenter (the big one with the IC on it)
14. Control line electric model airplane (old school)
15. Dave Gingerly’s Stirling Book

Ok, now I am going to go get some well needed rest

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