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I am digging through my head for deep thoughts, and find that there is very little going on that I can share right now. The USmil has a policy about blogs. We aren’t supposed to drop anything that could be mission critical in a blog. Since the big news I have right now is all the things I am doing before I get to my next base, and what my next base is I can’t really talk about that.
I wrote an enormous dialog today. It was a conversation in my head that I wrote out out. I asked myself questions about my life and attempted to provide answers to myself. I ran into some brick walls. Sometimes the only person who I can get a hold of who was there was me, so I can’t really get an objective view point, at some point in the future I am going to need to dig up some old friends (and by dig up I mean Google. ) Ask them “Hey did I really say/do/ X? Did you say/do Y?
I read once the Martin Luther started keeping a diary because he felt it was the only way from him to have objective data on his own mind to was to document his own mind and thus prevent the natural re-remembering that eventually corrupts what we remember.
So I guess now would be a good time to clarify ME, so I have documentation on this in the future when I am like “Who am I again?” We humans are made of 2 things. What we do, and what we’ve done. So to answer the second question. What have I done…
I was born. I lived with a mom and dad who had serious problems both with each other and in and of themselves. By strength and grace, my parents, like us all, grew up. Growing up is hard, for parents and for kids and things from time to time got pretty hairy. In general however, my parents were outstanding. As previously noted in this blog, I am not in jail. I am not dying of an STD. I have no kids besides the one who sleeps a door down from my room. My family was asked to race the Indy 500 in a lawnmower. We didn’t win, but we competed the best we could
The biggest struggle I have ever faced is probably Christianity. Christianity in truth is a beautiful journey with a loving Person. Sadly, Christianity, though simple in concept can be pretty hard to execute (Ask a martyr). I’ve have a known a great number of people who thought they knew everything there was to know about cars and thus had cars explode at inopportune times (Is there ever an really opportune time for a car to explode?) The car and feeding of an automobile is far easier than the car and feeding of a Faith. If you do not feed your faith it will fail you at the worst time.
Religious Professional are a conflict in terms, and I’ve suffered much under the advice of “Experts”
The new way I have of dealing with this is a wonderful gift of God called “Common Sense”. When I want to know how to catch fish, I will ask the man with many fish in his basket. When I want to know what God has to say I will ask the man knows him. I trust the advice of those follow scripture rather than those who read it, regardless of how well or deeply they read it.
And to what is rapidly becoming a manifesto (Trying not writing a manifesto listing to orchestral metal music) I add this. No one gets to tell me who I am. No one at all. Feel free to tell me what you see. But nobody, no pastor, family member, officer, sergeant, etc. gets to say who I am.
As to what I do, I work, I father, I love, I husband, I design, I write, I think. Words to live by:
I look, perchance to see.

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