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Sheer professionalism

Today, I had to go to an office to talk to a superior. Now, this is somewhat silly to me to begin with. I work nights, so I must go in during the middle of what is my sleep time. I also must go in uniform, again despite the fact that I am NOT at Duty. But the superior is, so I must dress professionally. Irritating as that is to me, I can see the point. Some people don’t have the sense to dress appropriately.
Now, yesterday I was told at 1345 that I needed to see this person at 1200. (The DoD gives guidelines about what I can say about a superior so let me say, carefully, that this superior and I have had a bit of a personality conflict before.) When I received the message I immediately called to explain why I had missed the meeting.
Today when I showed up to the office, exactly when I said I would, I mentioned that I had been called the day before, and had left a message explaining why I was not present. The superior said she hadn’t listened to the message, because she didn’t chose to listen to phone messages from people under her charge. She simply deleted them as soon as checked her messages.
When I was a younger man, I would have had something to say about this. I would have been angry, my rights would have been trampled. Today, I was happy. Because I know that I can do better. In fact I know I did do better when I was down and out restaurant manager in miserable little whole of a store with employees who were drug dealers. Today, I am reassured that I have good career, and that if I meet my own standards I will exceed what is required of me.
Now I’m off to a Safety Briefing! I will be told (as I have at the other 3 or 4000 I’ve gone to) not to drink and drive, don’t drink and procreate, don’t drink underage, don’t cause others to do the same. *Sigh* (And I had such plans for the holidays) Well, ya’ll the next few days will be a whirlwind, so if I don’t write for a few don’t panic, ole’ oneliter is working on brilliant and funny material. Stay tuned.

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  1. Zowie! I can’t wait to see your behavior over the holidays. Ha cha cha!

    Comment by CC | December 21, 2006 | Reply

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