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Christmas Comedown

I am with my folks for Christmas. I don’t think of it a home per say, because home is where I live. Its strange being here. Its a flash back to being someone else. My wife and I went for a walk in the park, a park where once upon I time, I walked with other girls. We went to my favorite restaurant, a pizza place in dutch tourist trap ran by a friendly Greek. They make the best thin crust on this earth. But its weird. When I was kid we could never afford to go there. Now I take my daughter there. Strangest of all is my truck…

See, my wife first got married we had a 87 Dodge Ram, and not a pretty one either. It looked like something out of a mad Max movie. It had no body work at all ahead of the fenders. No grill, No bumper, and the lights were wired in with electric fence wire to hold them in. That was the truck that my daughter rode home in the day after her zeroeth birthday. When I got that truck it got 6 MPG highway and 4MPG city. After 6 months of me working on it it got 18 highway 14 city. It sits very high for a truck without a lift kit. Behind the seat is 2 8″ woofers in a encloser, and a box with 4 full snow chains. I could drive that truck in 18″ snow with 4′ drifts. And I did several times.

Why is it here now instead of at my house? Because now I drive a full size wagon which gets twice the gas milage. That and my wife never quite had the luck with what was admittedly a very tempermental Carter carb. So I kept it in the family and sold it to my dad, where it has now sits because my dad doesn’t have any luck with the Carter either. When ever I visit I go out and love on it a little. I take the out the air cleaner, take apart the linkage, tighten bolts that don’t need to tightened, make sure everything is smooth and easy, spray some EZ Start in, charge the battery and turn the key. And it starts for me. Everytime. And it won’t start for anyone else. Anytime.

After in warms up it runs for me, but it quites for everyone else. Maybe it knows that its loved…

December 28, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. I think that car has a crush on you. Be careful, Becky might beat it up if she finds out.

    Comment by James T | December 28, 2006 | Reply

  2. Someday, hopefully before it’s too late, we can rescue him and give him a good home again. Maybe we can bring him home to die with family.

    Comment by Becky | January 1, 2007 | Reply

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