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In response to my one of my blogs about church, a good friend graciously bought me a book and sent it to me by post. I read it, or I should say, re-read it. (I’d read it about 3 years ago.) Its not bad; very consistent with the authors other writing. (I’ve read many of his books.)

Basically, the author, Neil Anderson, has answered the question “What’s wrong with the Church?” with the answer “How you think of yourself.” He believes strongly that Church fails to be what God intended her to be because the members of the Church believe lies about themselves. They believe that they are worthless parasites pulling down the church in specific and the world around them in general, when, in actuality, they are sanctified (a five dollar word for soul scrubbing), adopted children of God.

Its a good book in some ways. I subscribe to the “buffet theory” of reading non-fiction. Walk through the whole buffet, take what you like and leave the rest for someone else. But I challenge Mr Anderson at his most basic presupposition…

(I have to say first that I agree very much with Mr. Anderson in some respects. Before I read the book I had already come to the conclusion that I will never allow any Christian leader to call me a filthy sinner ever again. If the Bible is true, then I am sanctified and no person will ever again make me go where I do not wish to go or do what I do not wish to do, or even feel what I do not wish to feel by brow beating me into it.) But in the end he fears the power of his own argument. He makes a statement, but doesn’t dare take it to conclusion, for to do so would spell the unraveling of a 1600 year old system of manipulation, fear, and profit. (I leave the first 400 years open to discussion.)

The reason that most people in the Church find themselves worthy of contempt is because they are, in fact, contemptible. Actions are the truest test of belief. If a Christian is truly honest with himself about the nature of his faith and his God, then the average actions of the average Christian (including himself) are pathetic, pale, shallow and empty. Christian literally means “little Christ”, but who lives that? Who heals the sick, raises the dead, teaches the masses? Who foresees the future, prophesies, etc. Have all of us forgotten what Jesus did to the money changers in the house of God? Jesus beat them. In a premeditated act, he saw what was wrong, went home, braided a whip, and beat the hell out of a bunch of men who were selling the kingdom of God for personal gain. How many Christian Businessmen Association meetings have we broken up with a baseball bat? We change the meanings of Jesus’ verbs so we can partake in the actions. Jesus said to prophesy, so we redefine prophesy as “Christian love” so we can say we “prophesy” when we merely cry. He said we will be persecuted for our beliefs. By persecuted he meant beaten, burned alive, raped, murdered, etc. We say that when nonbelievers point out our blatant hypocrisy we are “persecuted”.

In all we are a pathetic lot. We beat our selves for our sins while decrying the same sins in the “world”. Our divorce rate exceeds that of those who don’t call themselves followers of Christ. We send missionaries all over the world while the poor in our own churches and land are slighted. Very few in the church know any happiness. Christ and the prophets set standard so high that we feel only misery if we try to meet it. And there’s a good reason for that: We’re not supposed to!

All good things are gifts from God. I am good mechanic. It has saved me and others tens of thousands of dollars over the years. That is a gift from God. I have a God given gift to be a car mechanic. God gives gifts for his own glory. So when I am out putting in a water pump, I am, in a small way, fulfilling my purpose on this earth. When I turn a wrench on a car (and if I owe any penance, working on Fords covers that…) I am worshiping God and bringing glory to his name. My work is cars. My work brings God as much glory as Mother Theresa’s! God never asks that we fit some mold, he asks only that we do our very best at our given gift. If a pastor puts in 2 hours working a sermon and I put in 2 hours fixing someones car, both of us have brought glory to God. And neither of us is more or less qualified to “lead” anything. Seriously, the fact that a person’s God given gift is in writing sermons doesn’t mean that their opinion about God is worth anymore than anyone else’s. It’s perfectly fine if I never do the things that Christ did. Christ had a job to do. His job was to be the Messiah. He did his very best at it, and that bought glory to God. But when it comes to being like Christ, the aspect to copy is not the job, the aspect to copy is the reason he worked so hard. He did his best for the glory of his father. If your job is cleaning out septic tanks and you do your very best at it, for the glory of your heavenly father, then you are being Christ-like.

When a follower of John asked Christ how John will know that Jesus is the Christ indeed, Christ says “The blind see. The lame walk. And the poor hear the gospel.” And its the answer today. Where the blind see, the lame walk, and the poor hear the gospel, God is. Where they don’t, well, he isn’t.

Consider the following: A pastor leads a church. The pastor is a person who has a gift to love and care about people. Perhaps he has a gift to teach as well. He is doing his best at his God given gift. He is even being subsidized by the congregation to do them, so he has no worries of room or board he can simply practice his gift all day. Good for him! He is blessed

But the congregation suffers. If the congregation believes that the pastor has the moral right to lead, they must corespondingly believe that they do not. They see the pastorship as place to aspire to rather than simply a differnt gift. They take no joy in their work because they believe that it exists only to provide income to the pastor and missionaries (the other apirational class).

Thus, they can only see their value in terms of supporting someone else. They have no desire to do the things the pastor does, and curse their passion for plumbing or film making or middle management as “wordly”. The pastors, well meaning, but mislead, encourage this idea. They tell their congregation that when they give money they are “partnering” with the valuable agenda of the pastor. The pastor is following his God given calling, but no one else is. If you have 400 people in a room and only one is following God, how much of God do you expect to see?

In reality God is as delighted with good plumbing as a good plumber is (He designed our bowels right?) He is delighted with person practicing good middle management as he is with a person writing worship music. (Even notice God’s deep love of seargents? Find one negetive reference of a centurion in the New Testament. Infact, Chist tells a centurion (Master Seargent) he has the most faith he has seen in Israel.)

The problem that faces the Church is indeed a crisis of identy, and the people really do believe lies about themselves. However, as is so often the case, the liar is not Satan (as Neil Anderson suggests) it’s our trusted leaders. (Man rarely needs Satan’s “help” to hurt himself or others.) The lie is that the leaders in the church have any right to lead at all and that the only role for those who are not called to be pastors/misssionaries/worship leaders is to prostitute the gifts they have to provide for the needs of the “gifted”.

I remain Ronin.

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The rage

You know lately my blog has watered down. The thing is when I truly have things on my mind I don’t dare share them. There are things the AF does not allow me to say. When a family member does something specific that really bothers me I can’t say anything, I don’t want to hurt them without cause. (I could really care if I hurt someone when I have just cause, but hurting people just for kicks is evil.)

I am sort of blue right now. I can’t hang out with a good friend of mine because the AF doesn’t think its a good idea right now. Some times progress in the AF feels like wandering around a foggy, empty field. You know that the goal is to get to the other side. You know that the other side will be better. You just don’t know how to get there, you wander around in this fog and then suddenly you find yourself at the end of the field, and its great. You have sunlight and back slaps and attaboys. Then you get your next task and its into the mists again. It will all be OK. Its all expected in a massive organization that is learning to fight a new kind of war, but well, its hard to navigate sometimes.

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Israel’s War on Pork

This year millions of school children around the world will benefit from P.A.R.E. (Pork Abuse Resistance Education), the highly acclaimed program that gives kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in pork, gangs, and violence. P.A.R.E. was founded in 1983 BC in Jerusalem and has proven so successful that it is now being implemented in 75 percent of our kingdom’s school districts and in more than 43 nomadic tribes around the world. P.A.R.E. is a pharisee -led series of classroom lessons that teaches children from birth to bar mitzvah how to resist peer pressure and live productive pork and violence-free lives!
Pork and pork abuse are destroying our traditions family values, though many people call camel a gateway meat, its a real contraband meat! Theres no such thing as “just a little pork”. When your child buys pork he’s being illegal meat. Theres no telling what it might contain. And pork is evil. Recent polls have shown that 27% of teenagers with a shellfish problem started with pork.
Pork cartels bring gangs and violence into our cities, with no town being to small (Just last year Ba’lethem, a dusty burg of less than 100, reported pork violence.) Illegal pork trafficking is the cornerstone of a burgeoning black market of murder, death, and addiction.
Hasn’t pork done enough already? Don’t we deserve to have safe streets and safe children? Get involved contact your local P.A.R.E. and save a child! It just might be your own.

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God kills

Weird thought:

Did you ever notice some of the things that God thought was worthy of the death penalty? Unjustifiable homicide, adultery, homosexuality, rape, falsely accusing of a capital crime, disrespecting ones parents, etc. There are probably more, but these are all that spring to mind at the moment. You know whats weird about those? They are all relational. And all pertain specifically to relationships that God chose as his examples to those He created in his own image. God compares his relations to man to a parent child relationship and a husband/wife relationship. Those are interesting choices, first of all, because the former must never include sex. The latter is defined by its inclusive sex.

The human behavior that God deems worthy of death is the behavior that through its acts tells a lie about God. The punishment of death is not so much for the harm you have done man, but the slander of God’s character. Very odd, no

Tomorrow, we set the way back machine to 700 BC and explore cultural parallels between pork then and drugs now. You have been warned.

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Middle class

I’ve doing more thought/discussion/research into the whole taxes thing.

I stand by my belief that taxes are the axis of government. In the end everything spins around taxes. Inflation, by the way, is a very special form of tax. With inflation the government has its money at the value it decides, but your money buys less. I once read that inflation is the natural policy of a society that likes government programs but dislikes taxes. Its probable true.

If you read up on taxes you start to run into something interesting: class divisions. You can’t talk about tax reform without talking classes. The problem is real, and I don’t know what the solution is, if there is one. See being poor costs money, being middle class doesn’t, and it pays to be rich. Sound odd? Its true.

See, if you’re poor, you can’t afford to save money. If you don’t have savings, then emergencies that must be funded become debt. How far you are up and down the chain of lower class decides how much the interest rate is. If you buy your car insurance by the month you will pay a penalty for not buying it 6 months at a time. You probably can’t afford a good car, and you are buying more gas because of it. Most likely you don’t have health insurance and you must pay in cash (which you don’t have). Alternately if you qualify for medicare you can be in spot where a $500 a year raise (a $0.25/hr raise) can cost you all of your Medicare coverage. Replacing Medicare with insurance of the same quality is going to run a family of 4 around $6000 a year. So its totally possible to be in a spot where making an extra $500 will COST you $6000. Like I said, being poor costs money. (By the way, that actually happened to a good friend of mine.)

If you are rich than all sort of deals are open to you which are not open to any else. House payments are tax deductible so a person living in a $500,000 home need only pay the taxes of a person living in a $100,000 home. If you can afford to pay a personal tax accountant then, ironically, you get a larger portion of your taxes back. If one has $1000 in checking, than one pays certain fees. If one has $10,000 in checking than the bank pays interest to YOU. (That would be nice, wouldn’t it.)

And middle class? Well, they are in the (not surprisingly) middle.

If you look at what the take home pay actually does for the person spending it, I put forward the following guidelines.

If when all is said and done every dollar you spend costs you more dollar to spend, you are lower class.

If when you every dollar you spend spends without hidden costs dollar for a dollar, you are middle class.

If each dollar you have can get you more than a dollar (interest bearing) you are upper class.

I pretty much accept what is above as an immutable law of the universe. If I am making a decision about taxes I don’t try to fix the above, I just try decide things as fairly as possible. But SOME people think that a system is only fair if the taxes give every person, regardless of income the EXACT same purchasing power. That’s why we have progressive income tax, and why the FairTax proposal probably won’t gain ground even though it is a pretty sharp idea.

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My God Forgive Public Educators

I just spent a solid hour telling the true story of an Eagle scout who built a nuclear reactor in his back yard. The problem is when I try to post it Yahoo! mysteriously scrables a lot of the words about the reactor and makes it totaly unreadable. I am not much of a believer in signs, but I will take that as one anyway and skip it. This much I will say:

He built it himself in his mom’s potting shed. It worked. Then the EPA came and took it away. He told his physics and chemistry teacher that he was going to do it. His chemistry teacher noded politely. His physics teacher laughed in his face. See, our Scout cound’t study stuff that comes normally for most people. He got C’s and D’s. He coudn’t spell at all, so the teachers decided he was stupid. I think the book was supposed to scare me. Scare me of nuclear power, of the boy Scouts, of the dangers of household items. Instead it scares me for the social landscape we live in. I’m not scared that there was a kid smart enought to build a reactor, I’m scared that God gave us savant and we beat him with the normal stick until he was as plain and pathetic as the rest of us. May we be forgiven.

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Entry for March 21, 2007

I have beautiful things to say. But I just can’t push through to write them tonight. Sorry all.

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Fear the pathetic losers?

Your fear is to protect you. We fear heights because falling from them is so painful. We fear putting our hand on the stove because it will hurt. So fear can be good.

But fear can destroy you too. Mental illness is largely doing something normal in an abnormal way or to an abnormal degree. Cults function on people’s basic desire to fit in. It’s normal and healthy to want the approval of your peers, but when you take it to far, you begin to lose your very self in the other opinions of others.

So fear has 2 sides. Its not good or bad. When your fears serve you, you are enriched, when they define you, you are lessened, and when you serve them, you are mentally ill. But what about when we fear people? Normally we fear what we do not understand, and fear breeds hate. Do we fear the people we think are evil? Probably. Sadly its pointless.

I saw picture of a pedophile on the news. He looked like a nice grandpa. And that was his game. He knew he looked like nice guy. He knew what everyone “knows” a bad guy looks like and carefully didn’t look like it. Do we fear these people? Its every parents worst nightmare. But we can’t really see them so we fear the guy who works at the comic book store. He has bad adult acne and lazy eye, so we “know” he’s a pervert. It’s honestly pretty stupid. The obvious ones can’t get you anyway.

The aberrant members of our society are basically predators right? Well, from kind of caveman standpoint, if you have two predators which one is more dangerous, the wolf who looks a sheep or the sheep who looks like a wolf?

We fear the amateurs, not the pros. If you see a young man with several thousand dollars worth of gold in his teeth, his pants half down his butt, and clothes 7 sizes too baggy, you probably lock your car doors. If you do, your average… and lame.

Your money is your life. Its what people trade you for either time or risk. How you value your life is shown in how you spend the money you get. If you see a person who spends their money crazy on things which can only add value to their life by adding to what others see, you are seeing someone who has no self value. No self value = no self respect = no discipline. He’s not a threat. He’s a little boy playing pretend at being a gangster. If he was in the back room with a real gangster he would piss himself and beg pathetically for the life he was wasting only moments before. But we’re afraid.

And gays. The Christian Right is terrified of gays. The policies they want can be construed as scripture, I will not deny. But the context! Oh, the context. They fight tooth and nail to make sure that 2 homosexuals cannot call tax shelter marriage. I once believed this was fueled by a righteous desire, but now, not so much. The Church will fight homosexuals till the cows come home about what marriage is, but apparently don’t know themselves. Self identified Christians have a higher divorce rate than non. The yell loudly that scripture calls homosexuality an abomination. Indeed it does. It also calls habitual lying and exploitive business practices an abomination. Is the church working with equal force to legislate pay day loan companies to be honest? If lying & exploitation are abominations and the abominable cannot be joined, can used car salesmen get married?

So it must be homophobia. And what’s not to be afraid of? Men going to Broadway productions, women who can fix their own cars? Girls touching girls? Men touching men? Oh, the humanity! The Apostle Paul said it delicately “Men with men and women with women working that which unseemly.” Its true: the vast portion of straight people find homosexual acts to be icky. But if the homosexual is not just one of us whose polarity is switched then what is he? The church says: a sick person in need of help and support that they may be cured. Fair enough.

So why does the church go around rattling plastic spears and crying “Culture war”? Has it come to that? God and his host of angels are suddenly powerless before a teaming horde of mentally ill, gender confused, limp wristed men and mannish women? Somehow that seems unlikely. If the church is right that the homosexuals are fighting a culture war for the hearts and minds of people everywhere can it simultaneously say they are all mentally ill?

And are our hearts and minds that cheap? Will a (and I am quoting here) blood bought spirit taught, scripture quoting bible toting believer really just wake up one morning in a tryst with a cabaña boy if we let Will & Grace go another season. How much do we underestimate our children if we think that a man being allowed to claim another man on his taxes is going to make our previously dress wearing, scripture spouting daughter suddenly start having sex with her girlfriends instead of going to the mall with them?

Its fear. The church’s response to homosexuals is raw, naked fear. We fear amateurs. The gays aren’t trying to ruin the country. No one is trying to ruin the country. Competing special interests are what make a Republic a nice place to live All the crazy in the country adds up to exactly what we have.

Punks, gays, witches, Muslim extremists, Democrats, Liberals, Right wing conspiracies… the list goes on and on. We fear the sheep in the wolf suit when we should be looking for the wolf in the sheep suit. Don’t fear the amateurs, the losers, the punks. Fear the pros.

Of course, first, you have to find them…

Night all.

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A desperate tyrant

of I’ve been looking at my bloging. I’m having a hard time to find something to write about everyday, but I feel like it is really good for me to write everyday, so I am going to start that back up. Firm determination not withstanding, I’ve still very little to write about. I am in a mode which experienced military members call “hurry up and wait”

If you have never been in the military you don’t know what that really means. I go to briefing after briefing, and each one says basically the same thing

1.Don’t Be Stupid.

I suppose for sake of padding bloglog little I must be more specific.

1. Don’t break the law, (2.) show up on time and looking presentable (3.) Do what you are told.

But these lectures go on and on in painful specification. It gets somewhat tiresome. Randomly, I do learn some interesting fact buried in the verbal debris. This isn’t the easiest thing for my addled brain; its sort of like have a radio stuck in scan mode. I hear snippets of sense here and there but over all it just sort of becomes noise.

But I have been thinking about taxes. I read the FairTaxFairTaxal. (That is to say I read the actual actaulhat the FairTaxFairTaxself published.) I sat on that for a while, sort of chewing it with my thinker. Recently, I read the wikipediawikipediaon it. Wikipedia Wikipediafends some people (for instance, did you know that some DobsonitesDobsonitested a wiki sourcwikincyclopedia that has guaranteedguarenteedive content? Its called ConservipedConservipediay GAparentlyis to say James Dobson or wDobsonr pseudo-zealpsuedoney pumping sellout is is the party leader over at Jesus Inc. this month.] forbids people to read ideas they might disagree with. But anyway wikipedia iswikipediat at offering balanced view points, and the article is excellent. It got me thinking about taxes.

Taxes are the single greatest man made force on Earth. Disagree? Think for a minute. What payed for every atrocity Hitler attrocity. The trcommited marched on Nanking (an oftenNforgetten genocidforgettenunded. Someone had to pay for the bullets and the uniforms and the training and the bayonets and the food. That someone was the Japanese taxpayer.

No war ever took place that wasn’t funded. Who won WWII? We did. With what? American lives? Definately. But all the Definatelyall the iniciative, all the patriiniciative of it, it runs out red on the ground with no bullets, no tanks, no oil, no boots, no C-rations. And you know what buys the bullets, the tanks etc? Again the taxpayer. Taxes started the worlds greatest war, and taxes ended it (In 1945 49% of the GNP was going to the DOD. Verses a decade high of 4% today.)

Taxes are not just something the government does, Taxes ARE the government. Every part of the government, every policy, every act, depends on taxes.

What is tax? Tax is not government income. Government income comes from taxes. Tax is the government taking property from the governed. Before cash was available people were taxed one head of stock out of 10 (10% property tax on movable assets in ttodays terms.)Now, I must say hertodays government can and must tax. People think very short term. If people paid taxes purely voluntairly, no one would pay taxesvoluntairlycountry was under attack. During an invasion, is of course, not really the best time to invent an Army from the ground up. Taxes allow the wealth of the whole community to purchase protection for the whole community. Without it, only the rich would live in peace, and without peace only the children of the rich will be rich in the future. But it leaves me with an interesting question, a parable if you will…

Imagine a tyrant. He has total control over the whole society in every way but one. All of his decrees must be obeyed excepting one. And that one is: He may not take the property (including money) of his people by force, he is supported only by gift. Though a tyrant, and though having total power in all areas but tax, is would live in constant fear of his own people. No task could be completed without public support, because the public will simply not pay the king until he resumed tasks which they approve of. My question is this: Is the tyrant more democratic than an elected official with near unlimited power to tax?

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My scattered ramblings.

I’ve so many things on my mind today that I don’t even know where to begin. Nothing on my mind is of any great significance, mind you. Just really scattered thoughts. I’ve been going to a huge number of briefings lately. Mostly, they are really stupid and dull with occasional interesting notes.

I found out the IRA is a classification of ANY fund, and not just a fund. I can open whatever mutual or bond fund I want, check the box and make it an IRA. Which I really couldn’t care less about, EXCEPT I found out that I can use an IRA to buy my first home without paying any penalties. Or tax. Good deal, thought I need to do more research before I sign the papers.

I found out all about rape. Rape is the most under reported crime in America with only 16% of the cases being reported. (I want to say that I think that is an incredible odd stat, and I want to know how you statistical categorize precisely what wasn’t entered into statistics.) Further, of that 84% that goes unreported no one can really get a handle on how many victims are male. Maybe as high as 50%. Further more, it turns out that 50% of rape reports are false. By false I mean they aren’t even substantiated enough to go to trial to be proven one way or the other. And not every case that has probable cause is found to be true within “reasonable doubt”. Its an incredibly complicated and incendiary issue.

The AF doesn’t decide one’s need to go to briefings based on civilian criteria, like “does this person actually need the information?” She decides who attends based on criteria like “Have you attended this yet.” So I had to the “how to chose a good spouse” briefing. It was odd. At first, it was funny. Then it as they described who NOT to marry I first thought of the only girl that I dated seriously besides the one I married. Then something very strange began to happen. As they talked about the way a “loser partner” treats his/her significant other, I began to see myself. Not only in the relationship I have with my wife, but also in other relationships I have head with different folks over the years. Ghengis Khan I am not, but suffice to say, there is room for improvement. In a relationships there is always more than enough blame to go around. So to my friends and family, my sisters and brothers (from different mothers and papas as well as by blood) guys and gals, well, sorry. I can be sort of an ass. I’ll keep working on it, and if by some chance I wake up some morning and I have no desire to be an ass to anyone, I will tell you all my secret.

It also shows me how truly wonderful my wife is. I’ve often said my wife’s biggest problem is her taste in men. Indeed, indeed. I got very, very lucky.

I’ve been thinking about Church about God. I have sort of new perspective than I used to. As some of you know, about 3 months before joining up, I turned my back on Christianity, the church, God, all. I had to, and I don’t regret it. I prayed about it long and hard first (ironically) and in the end decided I had to. I needed to separate what I thought, what I had been told, and what I had read. Since then I’ve seen some light and some dark. I read the much of the Bible again, much of the Qua ran (the parts that mean anything) and talked the people whose faith doesn’t really have clear cannon (Pagans for the most part). I read the Big Book of AA again. God impresses me a lot more than he used to.

Its been a little over a year since I became ronin, so its a lot easier for me to honest about who I used to try to be than it used be. I used to fight so hard to be what I thought was a Christian and I hated myself everyday for it. I had no respect for God. To me, he was a joyless, blood lusting sadist whose brilliant plan for saving the world was to allow only son to be horribly mutilated and murdered by gallant soldiers of Rome. If you don’t love your master you can’t love your self, and I thought the God of the Bible was wuss.

The “charismatic” movement didn’t help me much, though they tried. (Ultimately despite what they got wrong and how much it hurt me when they came off of their pedestals, Travis K and Tim T, remain the mentors that probably have done the most [other than my blood family, wife and Sis] to make me what I am.) Charismatics have two big problems, one they give Satan far to much credit. According to my Bible, Satan is a pussy. Two thier view of the Church looks to me like this: God is the horse, the earth the wagon with all its people in the back, and Christian hold the reins. Be nice to the horse and loving and sing the right songs and have the right attitudes and the horse will pull the cart wherever you want go, bringing all the non believers in the back with “us Christians”. If it looks like the ignorant masses in the back are driving its just because we unwittingly handed them the reins.

Its a great paradigm, easy to see, easy to use. To bad its baloney. God isn’t horse to be brow beaten into doing what we like. Do I still believe in a god of miracles? You bet. Do I think that there is a magic formula that will make me the vessel of those miracles? Not a chance. God does what he wants. Sometime his plan for the sick is to be healed, sometimes to be cured through normal means. Sometimes, he is most glorified when people die horrible agonizing deaths. If you have a problem with that last bit, pick up the Bible you claim to follow literally. Read about Jehu’s life. Or the priests who offered false incense to God and were swallowed alive into the bowels of hell. Or the lying spirit God dispatched, or the torment of Job, or the man who was gifted with priesthood because he skewered a couple while they were having sex, or the ruler who was eaten alive by maggots. Believe whatever you like, but if you chose to believe scripture don’t kid yourself about the nature of God. God is the baddest bad ass you will ever know. Great guy, but don’t cross him or his. God is ultimate love. He is also ultimate vengeance. When you develop a theology include in it that God is God and that Satan, people, fuzzy bunnies, rocks, etc. are not. We/they/it are the created, he is the creator. I respect God a lot more now that I believe he is the Boss, and I am not, nor are any of the other created.

*Sigh* So all this relates to what I am doing now: the NT commands us to go to Church. The idea of putting up with the BS that the current (and I might add, biblically forbidden) priesthood (ie, the church) masquerades as Christianity makes me physically ill. Its quite frustrating really. The NT contains many suggestions about church and few commands. One of the commands is not forsake the assembly of believers.

I don’t know what my child will someday chose to believe and follow but I know I am the example. If I show her it is OK to call yourself something (a Christian) and then not follow what said something demands you do, I am teaching a great lesson in how to be a hypocrite. Its not OK to have a religion and only follow the parts you like. But don’t know what to do. God is fairly clear, if broad, about what church is. And nothing around here fits the bill.

Anyway, that’s whats on my mind. Thanks for reading, all. Its late and I am going to take a nap.

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