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On the coast

First of all to clarify to my adoring fans: NO I do not now, nor have I ever taken Ritalin. I was told by a teacher in a crappy crappy school he thought I should take it. I placed in another school where I developed into the fantastic, secure, and in all way above average person who’s blog you are reading. I also have a dear friend who took Rit/rit compatable drugs for many years, and several friends who are ADHD. The poem isn’t about drugs, its about the way people around you percieve that your lack of drugs is the reason you aren’t more like them.

Somepeople really do need to take chemicals to help them balance the ones they already have. The decision to do so is one that requires great bravery; I tip my hat to anyone who faces that. I am not one. And as I said, what the poem was really about was the way people who consider themselves to be normal are willing to diagnose people who are different and suggest chemicals to make “you one of us” Maybe was are different because our chemicals are different. Or maybe we are different because we are better than average. Anywho, thats not really what I wanted to talk about.

We finally got down here to the gulf coast. Its weird to have a brown ocean (the Mississipi fills it with silt) and the beach is sort of dirty. And the town is still kinda laid flat by what the residents around here call “That bad bitch Katrina” (I am quoting.) But the house is pretty cool. Sterotypical milspec housing from the shared carport to the asbestos in the walls. I like it. Its open and naturally cool with huge windows and high ceilings. I’ve a good sized yard, and for the first time in my I-am-really-an-adult now history, I have to mow my own grass!

This resulted in my first AF mission: A deep insertion, under cover of darkness around the housing annex till the desired target of opportunity was found: A Murry brand push mower, captured and in an enemy POW area (by the curb). It is now on my patio awaiting a cheap rebuild. Does it save a huge amount of money to do such a thing? Well, no not really. I just have this odd thing for B&S one lungers. How cool is to spend the weekend rebuilding a flathead mill?

I am in my house with wife, kid, and cat. I have a good job. My car is running. Yup in general I am having a great AF day.


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  1. That cat is evil incarnate. OK not really, I’ve seen much eviler (or is it more evil?) cats then yours. Yours is probably just retarded. Glad you like your new house. Welcome to Grown-upville.

    Comment by CC | March 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintainence maintains that if the whole of the godhead can be contained in the heart of a rose, then it can certainly be in an internal combustion engine. Briggs and Stratton is the best of the best if only because they were designed to run a five wheeled car that americans refused to ride in and now run lawn mowers they wish they’d never heard of.

    Comment by RiverRatRanger | March 17, 2007 | Reply

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