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Fear the pathetic losers?

Your fear is to protect you. We fear heights because falling from them is so painful. We fear putting our hand on the stove because it will hurt. So fear can be good.

But fear can destroy you too. Mental illness is largely doing something normal in an abnormal way or to an abnormal degree. Cults function on people’s basic desire to fit in. It’s normal and healthy to want the approval of your peers, but when you take it to far, you begin to lose your very self in the other opinions of others.

So fear has 2 sides. Its not good or bad. When your fears serve you, you are enriched, when they define you, you are lessened, and when you serve them, you are mentally ill. But what about when we fear people? Normally we fear what we do not understand, and fear breeds hate. Do we fear the people we think are evil? Probably. Sadly its pointless.

I saw picture of a pedophile on the news. He looked like a nice grandpa. And that was his game. He knew he looked like nice guy. He knew what everyone “knows” a bad guy looks like and carefully didn’t look like it. Do we fear these people? Its every parents worst nightmare. But we can’t really see them so we fear the guy who works at the comic book store. He has bad adult acne and lazy eye, so we “know” he’s a pervert. It’s honestly pretty stupid. The obvious ones can’t get you anyway.

The aberrant members of our society are basically predators right? Well, from kind of caveman standpoint, if you have two predators which one is more dangerous, the wolf who looks a sheep or the sheep who looks like a wolf?

We fear the amateurs, not the pros. If you see a young man with several thousand dollars worth of gold in his teeth, his pants half down his butt, and clothes 7 sizes too baggy, you probably lock your car doors. If you do, your average… and lame.

Your money is your life. Its what people trade you for either time or risk. How you value your life is shown in how you spend the money you get. If you see a person who spends their money crazy on things which can only add value to their life by adding to what others see, you are seeing someone who has no self value. No self value = no self respect = no discipline. He’s not a threat. He’s a little boy playing pretend at being a gangster. If he was in the back room with a real gangster he would piss himself and beg pathetically for the life he was wasting only moments before. But we’re afraid.

And gays. The Christian Right is terrified of gays. The policies they want can be construed as scripture, I will not deny. But the context! Oh, the context. They fight tooth and nail to make sure that 2 homosexuals cannot call tax shelter marriage. I once believed this was fueled by a righteous desire, but now, not so much. The Church will fight homosexuals till the cows come home about what marriage is, but apparently don’t know themselves. Self identified Christians have a higher divorce rate than non. The yell loudly that scripture calls homosexuality an abomination. Indeed it does. It also calls habitual lying and exploitive business practices an abomination. Is the church working with equal force to legislate pay day loan companies to be honest? If lying & exploitation are abominations and the abominable cannot be joined, can used car salesmen get married?

So it must be homophobia. And what’s not to be afraid of? Men going to Broadway productions, women who can fix their own cars? Girls touching girls? Men touching men? Oh, the humanity! The Apostle Paul said it delicately “Men with men and women with women working that which unseemly.” Its true: the vast portion of straight people find homosexual acts to be icky. But if the homosexual is not just one of us whose polarity is switched then what is he? The church says: a sick person in need of help and support that they may be cured. Fair enough.

So why does the church go around rattling plastic spears and crying “Culture war”? Has it come to that? God and his host of angels are suddenly powerless before a teaming horde of mentally ill, gender confused, limp wristed men and mannish women? Somehow that seems unlikely. If the church is right that the homosexuals are fighting a culture war for the hearts and minds of people everywhere can it simultaneously say they are all mentally ill?

And are our hearts and minds that cheap? Will a (and I am quoting here) blood bought spirit taught, scripture quoting bible toting believer really just wake up one morning in a tryst with a cabaña boy if we let Will & Grace go another season. How much do we underestimate our children if we think that a man being allowed to claim another man on his taxes is going to make our previously dress wearing, scripture spouting daughter suddenly start having sex with her girlfriends instead of going to the mall with them?

Its fear. The church’s response to homosexuals is raw, naked fear. We fear amateurs. The gays aren’t trying to ruin the country. No one is trying to ruin the country. Competing special interests are what make a Republic a nice place to live All the crazy in the country adds up to exactly what we have.

Punks, gays, witches, Muslim extremists, Democrats, Liberals, Right wing conspiracies… the list goes on and on. We fear the sheep in the wolf suit when we should be looking for the wolf in the sheep suit. Don’t fear the amateurs, the losers, the punks. Fear the pros.

Of course, first, you have to find them…

Night all.

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  1. Oh boy, I know what you mean about the pedophile. I also saw one on TV and he looked like a sweet grandpa. He was even talking about some of his icky methods. He had what he called his “friendly face” and he put it on for the camera. I was dumbfounded in horror! He didn’t look weird or sly or kinky, he looked liked the friendliest, sweetest, old guy I’d ever seen. If my car had broken down, he would of been the guy I went to for help.

    When you are exposed to a sin at first it seems horrible, then it seems more commonplace, then the norm and so on until you’ve forgotten it was sin anymore. I think openly gay people are just a symptom of the problem, that our society is doing a nosedive in the morality area. We try to put a bandaid on a gaping chest wound when what we need is emergency surgery in a hospital–that’s what I think Christiandom is doing regarding gays. Yes it’s sin, it’s awful that it is so commonplace now, but legislation isn’t the answer. Heart change is. We’re not going to change anyone’s hearts by acting the way we are now.

    Comment by CC | March 21, 2007 | Reply

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