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My God Forgive Public Educators

I just spent a solid hour telling the true story of an Eagle scout who built a nuclear reactor in his back yard. The problem is when I try to post it Yahoo! mysteriously scrables a lot of the words about the reactor and makes it totaly unreadable. I am not much of a believer in signs, but I will take that as one anyway and skip it. This much I will say:

He built it himself in his mom’s potting shed. It worked. Then the EPA came and took it away. He told his physics and chemistry teacher that he was going to do it. His chemistry teacher noded politely. His physics teacher laughed in his face. See, our Scout cound’t study stuff that comes normally for most people. He got C’s and D’s. He coudn’t spell at all, so the teachers decided he was stupid. I think the book was supposed to scare me. Scare me of nuclear power, of the boy Scouts, of the dangers of household items. Instead it scares me for the social landscape we live in. I’m not scared that there was a kid smart enought to build a reactor, I’m scared that God gave us savant and we beat him with the normal stick until he was as plain and pathetic as the rest of us. May we be forgiven.

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