Ronin of the Spirit

Because reality is beautiful.

Ah production.

I remembered something today that Gary Larson said. (Just in case you have been living in a cave for the past 25 years, Gary Larson wrote single panel cartoon “The Far Side”.) He said, “Its not that I could do a normal strip, but don’t. I can’t. If I tried do normal strip it would get weird. Marmaduke would get rabies, and Dagwood would go mad kill Mr Dithers and have him stuffed.”

So I bought this lawn mower. I opened the box and my wife and I just stood there staring at it. It was the shiniest newest object I’ve ever owned. I’ve never owned a new car or a new TV. As I sit in my living room I can see the lamp that I found beside a dumpster. Its sitting next to the file cabinet I got out of a dumpster. Near by is the couch that I got as payment for a doing a brake job in the middle of the night (I refused the bag of weed that was offered. He felt bad, and gave me a love seat.) Behind that are the 2 chairs that I paid a quarter for. A quarter ofor the both, mind you. Not for each. I could go on, but you get the picture.

So into this house I brought my brand new, shiny, red push mower. It seemed so wrong to just take it out and fill it with nasty old grass. So, I gave a flame job. A real 50’s style flame job. I free handed it all, masked it, and painted it with some Rustoleum Chrome Yellow. Looks pretty good. I can’t wait to go mow my lawn tomorrow. I guess I’m like Larson. Its not that I can’t be like normal people and I don’t try. I can’t be like normal people. It comes out different on me.


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