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Because reality is beautiful.


You know, when you think about government, its important to remember: man is capable of acts of evil or good proportional to his ability. No change in genetics, no chemical, no education, no environment can change that capability, only the ability.

Its such a shocking lesson to forget when history has provided us with such a recent example. The holocaust. The people who did the killing, who ordered the killing, who approved the killing, and disapproved in silence were like us. Many were college educated. Many called themselves Christians. We cannot seek with law to make man more or less than what he is: the product of free choice. As humans, we chose good and evil every day, our capacity to do either evil or good acts is the same, decided by our overall ability.

Yet a mere 60 years later, I read in the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian platforms (the Big 3) ideas that suggest they DO NOT believe that rational man will in general do things that are harmful to him. The Democrats want socialized medicine. Affordable health care for all is a noble goal, but how will it be paid for? Last I checked, there wasn’t a surplus, there was national debt. Who will pay the new fees? The sick or the well? The well of course! The sick will take out from the service the well will pay in. It should be fair, because everyone gets sick… but its not fair. And everyone doesn’t get sick. Sickness is subjective. When I love my job and the hours are short, I might go to work very sick. If I hate my job and the hours are long, I might try to call in sick for the slightest sniffle. If I spend my life getting exercise, eating healthy, and living right, I will pay for every fat, chain smoking slob, who doesn’t care to put the same effort in. When profit can no longer drive efficiency and competing insurance providers don’t compete to drive prices down, what will limit the costs of health care? Oh, I may not pay at the hospital, but I will pay come tax time. When the money paid out of pocket no longer decides how necessary care is, what will? When insurance companies no longer dicker about what surgery is elective, who will decide? Again I say, affordable health care for all is a noble goal. For myself, and my progeny I hope with think of a way to do it.

And the plan the Dems describe is madness.

The Republicans demand that government have less holds placed on its capacity to gather and store information on the law abiding on the chance that they will become criminals. The purpose of government is to render services. Citizenship is accepting certain responsibilities in exchange for the protection of certain rights. If the government has the power to collect information on the citizens who will collect information on the government? As Voltaire (and others before) said “Who will govern the governing?” If information about the citizens’ people should be free, but information about the government’s people should be hidden, what will happen to justice? Who will hold accountable those who hold accountable? The road to security is paved in lost freedom. I cannot tell if the Republicans want a police state or are merely indifferent to one.

The Libertarians demand a total end to social security, saying that private charities can handle the load. They cannot. They could not help the US in 1933 when Oklahoma blew away. They could not help Ireland in 1845 when 12% of the population starved to death.

They could not help Iceland in 1783 when a volcano put up an ash cloud that poised the ground crops. 20% of the population died. I could keep going back, or I could go forward. The history of the world is full of situations in which private charity could not provide the necessary basics of life, and people died like flies and those who survived suffered horribly. I would love to believe that humans are so full of love for their fellow man, and America so wealthy that we need no Federally mandated program to protect those who cannot provide for themselves, but I can’t believe madness. History shows that private charities can handle the load in good times. But not in bad.

The big three political parties, and all believe that man is fixable. That man is basically good rather than merely capable of being good. All believe man is only selfish when he is capable of being evil. All live in dream world, a utopia where they see the only the side of man they wish. If they don’t know what man is, how will they know how to govern him?


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  1. True, my love, true. It seems so simple to those of us raised with the idea of fallen man. We have known from before memory that we are sinful creatures with an inborn sin nature. We know our natural state is one of sinfulness.

    But those raised otherwise just don’t get it. They think man just needs the right environment, the right impetus, the right motivation, and he will be good and just, kind and generous, honest and moral.

    Oh, that they could be right. Oh, that history, not to mention God, says so differently.

    Comment by Becky | April 15, 2007 | Reply

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