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So, I bought my wife a bike. Its nifty. She looks cute on it. We’re going to get rid of our car and be crazy hippies… tomorrow. Being a long haired, smelly armpits, anti-materialist ironically requires a significant nest egg, so my dream of touring the world by bike will have to wait.

For my geeky bike nerd family members: generic aluminum frame, cruiser style, fat tires which I will replace as soon as wife decides she is ready for faster but less butt friendly ride. Stermy Archer 3 with integrated coaster brake. A real clunker. We looked at bikes that cost 3 times more. She hasn’t ridden seriously since she was 13. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by it. The aluminum frame isn’t bad, just out of date. It looks more like the 70’s experimental aluminum frames and weighs like it.. The fat tires absorb road shock much better than the crappy energy eating shocks they think everyone wants. The saddle is a bit wide, but she hasn’t ridden much in more than a decade, so probably a pretty good idea at this point. All in all, not to bad.


April 23, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. And it’s fun, too. We also bought a trailer for the munchkin and any other crap we might want to haul around. The trailer/toddler/crap combo is surprisingly heavy and a surprisingly heavy trailer adds a surprising amount of difficulty to the riding experience. But I guess I need the extra work, huh?

    Comment by Becky | April 25, 2007 | Reply

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