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TV still kills

I had a fairly complicated blog, but it was dumb. Think about this: Do you know what truly defines the Baby Boomer generation? Its not cars or music. Despite what self worshiping boomers might say, they did NOT invent cheap sex. Every drug that the hippies popularized was illegal purely because it had already been seen to be a menace, so its not drugs. Vietnam? No, every generation has its own pointless war. Watergate? Hardly, political corruption is as old as politics. The assassination of JFK ? Political assassination is as old as civilization.

No, theres just one thing that separates the Boomers from every generation that came before.
T.V. TV is the one single factor that makes them different. Every defining moment of the 50’s and 60’s was televised. And thus came the single greatest evil to ever befall a nation: cultural homogeny. They saw the same bands, then bought the same records. They saw the same tragedies and formed the same opinions. Except the contrarians. Who rather than thinking thru the issues, simply formed whatever opinion was the opposite of what most people believed.

Our country has some challenges to face. Every single one created by the hypocrisy of a group of people who grow older each year and continue to believe that they are 18, and that its still 1968. Oh well.


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