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Mississippi smells

Wow. Its been a while since I wrote. Often, when that is the case it is because I have something really deep on my heart, or something I’m finding frustrating with work and I can’t really say until I figure out a way to say it that cast no shadow on my job. But, not lately. Lately, I just don’t care to write. I don’t have any big problems to work out by writing or any new ideas I haven’t shared.
I’ve started riding my bike to work and lifting weights regularly, which seems to lower my general stress level quite a bit.
I have a lizard. I caught it in my pajamas this morning. Why a 2 1/2″ sand lizard was in my pajamas I have no idea, but right now he is in an upside jar on my kitchen counter. For having legs about 3/8″ long he was very quick, and I had a hard time catching him. My cat, the mighty domesticated predator, was no help at all, though he was fascinated.
It sort of brings me to my next point. I hate Mississippi. I hate the ignorant people, the filthy streets, the grubby stores, and the stink. The bayou smells, smells like rot and the whole coast reeks of it. All the fat stupid people with their bad teeth and horrible English are so freakin’ proud of their “history”. Their history is 200+ years of oppression and ignorance, but they don’t care. The bank was closed the other day. For Confederate Memorial Day. Thats progress right there. I took my daughter out for a ride in our bike trailer. No one here had ever seen a bike trailer before. They oohed and aahed about how unique and clever it is and how they had never seen one before (Burely started making bike trailers in ’77). Their are no ATMS. The gas stations take cash only. After much search I finally found a place that knows how to make a cup of coffee, it only took 6 weeks. The library wants 2 forms of proof of address, a social security card, and picture ID to give you a card. Then its a $500 fine if you lose a book. The 600 sections are very poor (the 600 section is the part of the library that teaches you things. Its were the how to stuff is.) and since thats 90% of what I go to the library for, it really sucks.

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  1. Amen to that!!

    Comment by Becky | May 12, 2007 | Reply

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