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somnium interficio tantum barbarus

The stupidity is amazing. It washes over me in waves and suffocates me. Forgive me if I am to deeply in touch with the inner liberal today, rather than the inner conservative. Here is the news:

President Bush has appointed a general to oversee the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The CIA, the NSA, the FBI, and keep the president “informed”. No, fellow students of history, I am not kidding. He really appointed a general to oversee the military and civilian intelligence gathering groups. If anyone reading this is so stupid they don’t know what that means or why its a bad idea, I will not spell it out for you. Or perhaps just one word “Principate“.

GM, after of 30 years of selling heavy, gas guzzling, death traps that weren’t put together that well has mysteriously fallen to 2nd place in the world car market. Experts are debating possible causes and suggest the solution may have 3 steps: (1.) Produce the cars for less (2.) Make more money per car (3.) Sell more cars.

Oh, and Walmart is ruining America by selling things that people like for less than other companies. Even worse, their employees, who have no real skills and make more at Walmart than the companies Walmart competes with, don’t make as much as surgeons. Thus Walmart is evil.

Leading financial institutions report that giving loans to people who don’t really qualify for them means higher interest rates for longer terms. The bank making money on patsies depends on a good faith effort by the patsies to keep up payments. Recently, America’s cancerous expansion paused for a moment, causing the “sub-prime housing market” to go down the tubes. “Sub-prime housing market” is a really nice way to say “the brown people the bank has been bending over for years”.

And experts predict that the big issues in the next election will be the war in Iraq and abortion. Glad we have the experts.

Note: the subject tag is Latin. It means either “Only barbarians are killed by foolishness” or “Dream only of killing barbarians”, Frankly, I’m comfortable with both.

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  1. I saw an anti-Wal-mart ad with this very low class lady crying because it would take her a hundred years at her hourly wage to make as much as the Wal-Mart CEO does in one year. I felt no sympathy whatsoever, in fact I felt just the opposite of what I think the ad was intended for. There is a reason that the CEO makes so much money and she makes so little! He has invested himself in education and is exceedingly good at keeping Wal-Mart’s profit margin high. She, on the other hand, has no education and is about as dumb as a box of rocks. If she wants more money she needs to get an education and learn how to do something that a company would find extremely useful.

    Comment by CC | May 16, 2007 | Reply

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