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No Magic

There is no magic. But there are miracles. Example: Come fall, farmer John sells his crop and saves the money. He takes care of all of his animals all winter so they bear many young. Come spring he sells the young to by seed. He plants the seeds and fights the weeds and thieves etc. Then he brings in the harvest to be sold and repeat the process again.

Life is a miracle. That tiny seeds should burst with life and take minerals, water, and nutrients from the soil, that the pigs and cows a chickens should make more pigs and cows and chickens is a miracle. A tiny bit of male DNA, a tiny bit of female DNA. Two tiny proteins in soup simple acids and sugars lock together and create Life. Thats nothing less than a miracle.

Everything that Farmer John does is sustained by miracles. But if Farmer John slacks off, then the miracles will get him nowhere. All the miracles in the world won’t keep him and his family fed. If the miracle of life rots in the field, and then starves in the barn (because the food rotted) the miracle of Life grinds down, to death. The life of the plants are wasted, so the life of the animals are wasted, so Farmer John has no income. He can’t eat and has nowhere to live. Then his life is wasted.

On one end Life, on the other Hard Work. And the world spins around the axis. There is no room for Magic. Magic is when a person demands a miracle without hard work. Farmer John doesn’t plant his field, prays for a miracle of plants, and curses God when nothing happens. God, as I understand Him, can do whatever he wants. He is able to grow a green field out of nothing. But he doesn’t very often. There are miracles all around us, use the miracles you have and you will find that you don’t often need to pray for any others.

I think the single thing that bothers me most in the world is the belief in Magic, or among Christians, the belief that God is Magic, rather then miraculous. Everyone I know complains about the government. What does it take to change a government? Well, hard work. In our country all you need to do is vote, but to vote wisely is a lot of work. You have to think sometimes very deeply about complicated issues. For most, magic is a fare easier solution.

“Every year I vote for the same party that let me down last year and expect that because I really care, things will be different this time.” See, thats not going to work, its called magic thinking, believing that you can change reality with your thoughts. Reality is just that. And the universe is unmoved by your sincerity, or other peoples lack of it. We have corrupt politicians because people would rather complain than 1.Vote 2.Work 3. Fund change, or 4. Revolt. Pretty freakin’ simple.

The Church is terrible about this, perhaps the worst. The see how the world should be and demand that everyone get on board. Abortion is a good example. Personally, I think its unjustifiable homicide in 99.99% of all the cases. That said, I think the Church really, really doesn’t get what they should do about it. Over and over again, I hear people say “No one should have an abortion, they should put the kid up for adoption.”

Did you notice the little shift is responsibility there? Christians say “this person is not meeting the morals of scripture, THEY should fix that about themselves.” Um, no. If you have a problem with abortion then start adopting. If Medicare will give women money to get abortions start paying them MORE not too. In countries where abortion is still illegal (ie Catholic ones) guess what the leading reason for getting an abortion is? Social rejection. In a place like Italy for example, if a woman has a baby and no husband everyone knows she’s a whore. But if she quietly has an abortion she only has to deal with condemnation from the mirror, not everyone she knows. And who leads the charge that girl who has sex out of wedlock is a whore? Well the same people who demand that no one get an abortion. In fact in Italy the situation is SO bad, that hospitals now have drop boxes for babies to be given to adoption anonymously. This way the mother can give the child up for adoption with out having to put her name on record.

Homosexuality is another one. I hear the phrase all the time from the conservative right “homosexual agenda”. That one really cracks me up. Lets go over something really basic here
What product to TV networks sell to advertisers for millions of dollars a minute? An audience. When you watch a TV commercial the product is not the toothpaste. The product is YOU. The TV network sells its viewers to the advertisers. If Will & Grace offends you, DON’T WATCH. I know that pretty complicated, so let me make this really clear: IF YOU DON’T WATCH THE SHOWS THAT BOTHER YOU, THEN YOU WON’T BE WATCHING THE ADS IN THEM, AND YOU WON’T BUY THE CRAP. THE TV NETWORK WILL CHARGE LESS AND LESS FOR THE AUDIENCE OF THAT SHOW, AND EVENTUALLY THE PLUG WILL BE PULLED ON IT. The homosexual agenda is this Fags are people too. Is that really so shocking to the Church? Divorced people are people. Fat people are people (gluttony is the Christian sin of choice). Poor people are people. Why can’t fags be people?

But its magic thinking. People think “I don’t like homos” Which is fine, no one says you have to like them. Then they think “Homos are evil”, which is OK for Christians to think, because the Bible says that everybody is evil (All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God). Then, this where they trip they think “Because fags creep me out and I don’t like them, they must be part of a vast conspiracy to take over the way we think and make our kids what to hump their same sex friends.”

Um, no. Its that same thing. I feel very strongly about this. Thus is must reflect reality. Its amazing what people will believe if they just find a group of people who feel as strongly about it as they do. Christians get it all wacky because they get magic and God confused. Here’s sort of a top 10.

The Christian “I feel really strongly about this so its the will of God” List:

10. We’re not going to have sex, we’re just going to make out. (This is nuts! But it happens all the time. Kids race up to the edge of a cliff and count on God helping them hit the brakes at the last minute.)
9. Its God’s will for me to be celibate right now. (ie, I want a spouse but everyone I know is a loser.)
8. That not my calling (ie, I really don’t want to do that.)
7. God hasn’t opened the door yet (I really want to do something I don’t have the money or education for. )
6. When you do X to support me you’re partnering with me and God in my ministry. (I really enjoy doing X, but can’t make a living at it. )
5. I am waiting on the Lord (I want a guarantee that if I bust my butt God will do it my way.)
4. We just don’t have the faith that they do! (I want something God isn’t giving me, and that must be someone’s fault.)
4. The Lord hasn’t given me peace about it. (That freaks me out. So, God doesn’t like it either.)
3. Homosexuals are an abomination. (Fags give me the willies, so God finds them particularly evil. )
2. The Lord has called us to poverty right now. (There has to be a good reason that I can’t pay the rent.)
1. I really felt a spirit of negativity… (You don’t like me. You’re from Satan.)


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