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Hey! How come if Mexicans are stealing our social services aren’t they represented on Medicare/Medicaid stats? See, Hispanics make up about 32% of the population or states like New Mexico, California, and Arizona. But consistently are only 16% of the Medicare/Medicaid users. Well thats odd? How do you abuse a system that you don’t even use?

Well they’re taking the good jobs right? In 2004, the median earnings of working-age Hispanics who worked full-time, year-round were about $25,000 compared to $35,000 for all working-age people. So, I guess they’re not taking the good jobs either.

So, what about social security? Ok, yeah they are totally screwing us on SSI. They make up 6% of all people over 65 but collect over 25% of the benefits. Um, thats overrepresented by 400%. Yes, because of their lower incomes they make about 20% less than whites collecting SSIR, but that still leaves an additional 380%.

I hate it when I set out to make a point and in the research find out that the commonly held point of view is right this time. But upon further reflection, I guess it makes me dislike social security even more. Nobody will let anyone touch it because I-payed-into-it-my-whole-life-and-I’m-getting-my-fair-share-now. I can see that point of view, our birth rate is dropping. That means more and more of our population will arrive here with prior work experience all the time. Unless we start only letting people immigrate if they are less then 16 then EVERY immigrant would come in upside on payments. And that would be if we paid in what we got out, but we don’t. Its not a savings plan, its an insurance plan. The payers pay in for the payees. Even if there wasn’t a baby boomer problem, the whole thing is doomed anyway because it is based off of people working from the time they are 18 to the time they are 65, and the vast portion of immigrants don’t come in before they turn 18.
Further, there is an enormous incentive (added the all the others ) for an aging person who is getting to old to work to come here, leave nothing behind since they had nothing anyway, and collect from an insurance policy they never paid into.

You read it here first: the up coming problem of immigration is going to be wealth elderly people moving here by choice to supplement foreign income. It might start with Mexico, it won’t end there.


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  1. Here is something I’ve always found difficult: The percents that you list or anyone can find on public record or any ratio numbers, can any of it actually be pointed out as fact? I don’t know how many times I’ve shut people up giving a date and a time to an even that history proves if it happened then it can happen now. Oddly, people see facts as just another stepping stone to be angry and say how closed minded you can be.

    Sometimes I see the immigration population problem as kin to the visual gas prices. They go up, daily, people freak, need an outlet. It cant be their suv’s it cant be there ford f450’s, it cant be their hummers, its BIG oil thats doing it. TO an extent perhaps. When I was a younger lad my father would take me out into the burning sun on a real hot tin roof and do something called, “Working hard for a living.” It hurt, I sweat buckets and at the end of the day actually made something. Now if those jobs are slowing being seen as low end, under blue collar, and petty, well i’m sure that those people will eventually be seen under the same light. Unless they have a tv show on This old House. Now people leave these jobs but to our suprise, they are still very much needed. Now if I won’t do them, American Joe and Jane won’t, College Grad won’t do it, and Xbox Teen wont do it, not a whole heck of a lot of people left are there? I just get this thought that pops into my head when people say “look at ‘THEM’ taking our jobs.” as they sit on their lazy boy chair with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. “What’s stopping you and your friends from doing that job?”

    After going through a “diversity” class at work today, I figured I have enough brownie points to just say my “Opinion” and the others can eat cake. I said, “Is it our company’s job, that encourages diversity, to be so afraid we dont have every race known to man working here? If Hispanic A and Caucasian B wake up one day, see an add to work at out company and Hispanic A says, Maybe tommorow and Caucasian B says Well, I’ll go even though I may not get the job,” For some STRANGE reason, the white guy has a higher chance to be hired. My point to the group was that we can “encourage” happiness through the land, but if I don’t feel it, I wont see it. If I don’t want it, I won’t want it. If Im pissed, it’s everyones fault but me.

    That class “taught” that we as a society are programmed by our culture. Be free to voice your opinion but don’t offend anyone. Categorize your self but dont stereotype others. If I bought into all that drek, it would be easier just to blame the Mexicans, curse at Big oil, and flip through the 700 channels on cable for no good reason and call it a day.

    Comment by Christopher H | June 12, 2007 | Reply

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