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My fight or A Bloodless Revolution in 6 easy steps

I spoke of the abuses of power of but a few corporations. I only know what I know, and I know only what I have searched out. I am sure that between every pile of gold and every great dragon is soft underbelly. How do you, a single person, respond to the machinations of an ubiquitous group of sociopathic, megalomaniacal plutocrats? They have everything. They keep the governments of the free world in their back pockets. They have the law, the layers, the guns and the papers. They own the TV networks and the magazines. Everything you need and everything you buy comes from them. The farmer can make no money unless ConAgra buys his grain. And you will have no baked goods if you don’t buy from ConAgra.

They want don’t sell products. They sell you to the people who sell advertising. I looked up who owns my local paper. The owner is called the McClatchy Co. They’re the 2nd largest media group in the world. Aside from their many TV stations, radio stations, and a partnership with, they own hundreds of papers. On their website, under the name of my paper is a little bit of me and my neighbors. It tells the average income, racial demographics, local stores, and barometers of attitude and inclination. The stores, the restaurants, and businesses which the paper advertises; these are not the products that the McClatchy Co. sells. I am the product which they sell to the stores, restaurants, and businesses.

They want to stay invisible, because as long as they are invisible you believe the illusion of choice which they have created for you. (Example: You don’t have hundreds of choices for your coffee. You have three: Nestle, Kraft, and Sara Lee.) Many companies spend more on the illusion of their product than they spend on the product. Coke and Pepsi, for instance spend around 50% of their net revenue on advertising. TV is called programming for a reason. Every commercial you see tells you one simple thing: you need this. And you don’t. I don’t. We have 30 brands averaging 16 products per brand for shampoo alone. Thats 480 possible ways to wash your hair. Who the hell needs 480 ways to wash hair.

I can almost hear the half formed thoughts already escaping the lips. Thats the American way! What do you want? Some sort of planned economy? Do you want to live in a gulag? Market control never works. Blah, blah, blah! Ignorant bias! Angry words! Grrrrrrrr! Total lack of independent thinking! I don’t know any history! Mooooooo! Moooo? Moooo! MOOOO! Hang in there, the answer is forth coming.

The companies make money by exploiting individuals, one rube at time. Therein lies key to fighting them. Be the change you want to see. The companies exploit. Do you know the opposite of exploitation? Partnership. Do you know the opposite of centralization? Localization. All we have to do fight the bloated plutocracy is…

  1. Remove yourself from mass media streams. (Stop watching your stupid TV.) This denies yourself to the greatest centralized manipulator out there.

  2. Stop being exploited. (Quit your pointless job.)

  3. Start your own businesses.

  4. Stop exploiting. (Don’t be a greedy bastard.) Don’t hire employees to wage slave for you. Get partners.

  5. Develop capital and loan only too startup proprietorships that partner instead of exploit. (Again, don’t be a greedy bastard.)

  6. Use surplus money to be free (Do whatever the heck you enjoy.) and to help others be free (Support local self sustainability: self defense, homeschooling (self education), and other cooperative businesses, in that order.

If a mere 10% of the population does this, Wal-Mart will not be able to sell 480 shampoos, not because of some stupid law, but because no one will buy their useless crap. More people will ride bikes and less will contribute to the SUV menace. Less people will be on welfare. Less companies will be on welfare.

I know man has a sin nature. I know that no person or thing can make a utopia, but its closer! Does the fact that you can’t reach the stars from a summit mean you shouldn’t bother to climb the mountain? Of course not! MegaCorps are evil. The cowards may go hide in Montanan if they wish, but the fight can be won. Like all things worth having it comes at great personal cost. That the point. We are in the mess we are in because people are afraid of hard work either of the body or the mind. But ���They��� can be fought. It simply takes virtue, courage, dedication, duty, and compassion.

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The bad news:

It began simply enough with my deep and abiding love for a much maligned herbal infusion. I am drinker of coffee. I began to research my delight. My study lead me to the fact that 95% of the coffee imported into the US is imported by Nestle, Kraft, and Sara Lee with Nestle and Kraft taking the lions share.
Nestle is perhaps the most unspeakable evil corporation on earth. The evil begins in the 1930’s in neutral Switzerland. Hitler is seizing control of factories all over the Rhineland. Nestle, with proven foreknowledge, used slave labor. Nestle also owned then as it does now the drug concern GlaxoSmithKline (the makers of the multi-billion celebrity drug Prozac) which happily and again with full knowledge used slave labor to make drugs sold to Germany for the war effort. Nestle then moved on in the 70’s to hire salesgirls to dress as uniformed nurses and sell formula in the developing world, as well as enormous kickbacks to doctors for recommending formula instead of breastfeeding. By the time the woman started to guess that the friendly white clad doctors and “nurses” had wronged them their milk had dried up, and they had to keep buying the formula, which, by the way cost around 50% of the families total income. Replacing breast milk with chemical swill mixed with dirty local water had the expected effect and lucky infants died in droves. The unlucky one survived horribly disfigured and brain damaged.
Nestle, to prove its good will produced a tract about breast feeding being better than formula it had written… in French… in 1913. It never paid a dime, and pays about $3,000,000 in fines every year for continuing to market formula in the 3rd world in this manner. They make so much money doing so that the 3 mill doesn’t really matter.
Further the cocoa in their chocolate is picked by child labor. Which they know. And don’t care. Further their coffee is also picked by child labor. It’s been proven several times that they local warlords in instable areas to intimidate plant union leaders. These cases never get to trial because the union leaders have a bad habit of dying before they can get to trial. They also have the exclusive legal right to put a hydration aid in MREs. They provide bottled water to out bases in Afghanistan. They get this water with deep well pumps that are lowering the water table. Farmers who don’t have enough water to grow food crops must grow cash crops, like poppies, which is the leading source of income for Afghanistan and creates a huge black market which mostly funds terrorist organizations.
They also spent an undisclosed but very large number of dollars in Maine. Why? To manipulate the water rights so that they can continue to milk the state dry. Why is this all allowed??? Well, for starters they (an multinational company) are one of the majority donors to the Republican party. Joseph Weller, Nestle USA Chairman, personally raised more than $100,000 for George Bush’s reelection campaign. Nestle contracted the services of Frank Luntz to help with the Maine issue. For those of you who don’t know Frank Luntz he has been the chief speech editor for Bush for several years.
Once asked if he spoke Newspeak, good ole’ Frank said “To be ‘Orwellian’ is to speak with absolute clarity, to be succinct, to explain what the event is, to talk about what triggers something happening…and to do so without any pejorative whatsoever.” About oil rigs he said that 90 percent of the people he spoke to said it looked like exploring. “Therefore I’d argue that it is a more appropriate way to communicate.” He went on to say “if the public says after looking at the pictures, that doesn’t look like my definition of drilling—it looks like my definition of exploring—then don’t you think we should be calling it what people see it to be…?”
If you wish to boycott Nestle, good luck! The follow is the most complete list I can find of them and their affiliates:
– A/S Nestle Norge – Sandvika, Norway
– Alcon Belgium N.V. – Puurs, Belgium
– Alcon Canada, Inc. – Mississauga, Canada
– Alcon Eye Care, Inc. – Fort Worth, TX
– Alcon Italia S.p.A. – Milan, Italy
– Alcon Japan Ltd. – Tokyo, Japan
– Alcon Laboratories (Australia) Pty. Ltd. – Frenchs Forest, Australia
– Alcon Laboratories (UK) Ltd. – Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
– Alcon Laboratories Hellas E.P.E. – Maroussi, Greece
– Alcon Laboratories Inc – Irvine, CA
– Alcon Laboratories Inc. – Elkridge, MD
– Alcon Laboratories Inc. – Honolulu, HI
– Alcon Laboratories Inc. – Houston, TX
– Alcon Laboratories Inc. – Sinking Spring, PA
– Alcon Laboratories Pty Ltd – Randburg, South Africa
– Alcon Laboratories, Inc. – Fort Worth, TX
– Alcon Laboratorios Argentina S.A. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Alcon Laboratorios Chile Limitada – Santiago, Chile
– Alcon Laboratorios do Brasil S.A. – Sao Paulo, Brazil
– Alcon Laboratorios S.A. de C.V. – Mexico, Mexico
– Alcon Laboratuvarlan A.S. – Istanbul, Turkey
– Alcon Manufacturing Ltd. – Huntington, WV
– Alcon Nederland B.V. – Gorinchem, Netherlands
– Alcon Pharma GmbH – Freiburg, Germany
– Alcon Puerto Rico, Inc. – San Juan, PR
– Alcon Surgical – Fort Worth, TX
– Alcon Sverige AB – Bromma, Sweden
– Alcon Systems, Inc. – Vineland, NJ
– Alcon, Inc. – Hunenberg, Switzerland
– Alcon-Cusi S.A. – Barcelona, Spain
– Alois Dallmayr Kaffee OHG – Munich, Germany
– Arrow Head Mountain Spring Water – Ontario, CA
– Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water Company – Colton, CA
– Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water Company – Greenwich, CT
– Arrowhead Waters – Chatsworth, CA
– Blaue Quellen Mineral- und Heilbrunnen AG – Rhens, Germany
– Buitoni SpA – San Sepolcro, Italy
– Buxton Mineral Water Company Ltd. – Rickmansworth, United Kingdom
– Calistoga Water Co. – Calistoga, CA
– Carnation Foods Ltd. – Marlow, United Kingdom
– Carnation Italia S.p.A. – Udine, Italy
– Carnation Manufacturing Co. (Thailand) Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
– Cereal Partners Espana AEIE – Barcelona, Spain
– Cereal Partners Worldwide – Morges, Switzerland
– Ceylon Nutritional Foods Ltd. – Colombo, Sri Lanka
– Chambourcy Food Co. Ltd. – Croydon, United Kingdom
– Chambourcy Roche aux Fees – Clamart, France
– Chocolates Nestle S.A. – Caracas, Venezuela
– Cicolac Ltda. – Bogota, Colombia
– Cokoladovny AS – Prague, Czech Republic
– Comestibles La Rosa S.A. – Bogota, Colombia
– Compagnie Fermiere de L’Etablissement Thermal de Vichy – Paris, France
– Compagnie Francaise de Boissons Gazeuses – Paris, Fra
– Companhia Produtora de Alimentos S.A. – Sao Paulo, Brazil
– Compania Dominicana de Alimentos Lacteos S.A. – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
– Conagra Foods Trenton Plant – Trenton, MO
– Contadina Fresh – Solon, OH
– D’Onofrio S.A. – Lima, Peru
– Davigel S.A. – Dieppe, France
– Deer Park Spring Water, Inc. – Breinigsville, PA
– Deutsche Libby GmbH – Frankfurt, Germany
– Drammen Is A/S – Oslo, Norway
– Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream – Oakland, CA
– Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Holdings, Inc. (Subsidiary) – Oakland, CA
– Edy’s Grand Ice Cream Company – Bronx, NY
– Edy’s Grande Ice Cream Midwest Region – Glendale Heights, IL
– Friskies Petcare Company Inc. – Crete, NE
– Galderma Brasil Ltda. – Sao Paulo, Brazil
– Galderma Canada, Inc. – Thornhill, Canada
– Galderma International – Paris, France
– Galderma Laboratories, L.P. – Fort Worth, TX
– Galderma Laboratorium GmbH – Bruchsal, Germany
– Golden Products Corporation – Saint Louis, MO
– Goplana S.A. – Poznan, Poland
– Great Spring Waters of America – Dracut, MA
– Great Spring Waters of America – El Monte, CA
– Great Spring Waters of America – Houston, TX
– Great Spring Waters of America – Lanham, MD
– Great Spring Waters of America – Los Angeles, CA
– Great Spring Waters of America – Moonachie, NJ
– Great Spring Waters of America – Newburgh, NY
– Great Spring Waters of America – Nipomo, CA
– Great Spring Waters of America – Poland Spring, ME
– Great Spring Waters of America – San Benito, TX
– Great Spring Waters of America – Thousand Palms, CA
– Great Spring Waters of America – Ventura, CA
– Great Spring Waters of America – Zephyrhills, FL
– Gruppo Dolciario Italiano S.p.a. – Milan, Italy
– GV Nestle GmbH fur Grossverbraucherzengnisse – Munich, Germany
– Handheld Foods Group – Nestle USA Prepared Foods Division – Englewood, CO
– Heimbs Kafee GmbH & Co KG – Braunschweig, Germany
– Herta Ltd. – Herten, Germany
– Herta S.A. – Noisseville, France
– Houdebine S.A. – Noyal-Pontivy, France
– Ice Mountain Spring Water – Hilliard, OH
– Ice Mountain Water Inc. – Brea, CA
– Industrie de Froid S.A.E. – Cairo, Egypt
– Inedeca S.A. – Quito, Ecuador
– Jede AB – Oslo, Norway
– La Vie – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
– Laboratoires Alcon S.a.r.l. – Rueil-Malmaison, France
– Laboratorios Alcon de Colombia S.A. – Bogota, Colombia
– LJ Minor – Cleveland, OH
– Los Portales S.A. – Havana, Cuba
– Loumidis S.A. – Athens, Greece
– Maggi Dongguan Ltd. – Dongguan, China
– Maggi GmbH – Frankfurt am Main, Germany
– Manantiales La Asuncion, S.A. de C.V. – Mexico, Mexico
– Margarinbolaget AB – Stockholm, Sweden
– Medicornea S.A. – Toulouse, France
– Midwest Food Products, Inc. – Carberry, Canada
– Neslandina S.A. – Quito, Ecuador
– Nespresso USA Inc. – New York, NY
– Nestle (Fiji) Ltd. – Lami, Fiji
– Nestle (Ireland) Ltd. – Tallaght, Ireland
– Nestle (Malaysia), Sdn. Bhd., NESMAL – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
– Nestle (PNG) Ltd. – Lae, Papua New Guinea
– Nestle (South Africa) (Pte) Ltd. – Randburg, South Africa
– Nestle (Thailand) Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
– Nestle – Randburg, South Africa
– Nestle Argentina S.A. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Nestle Asean (Malaysia) – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
– Nestle Asean Singapore (Pte) Ltd. – Singapore, Singapore
– Nestle Australia Ltd. – Rhodes, Australia
– Nestle Bangladesh Ltd. – Dhaka, Bangladesh
– Nestle Belgilux S.A. – Brussels, Belgium
– Nestle Beverage Division – Glendale, CA
– Nestle Bolivia S.r.l. – La Paz, Bolivia
– Nestle Brazil Ltda. – Sao Paulo, Brazil
– Nestle Cameroon S.A. – Douala, Cameroon
– Nestle Canada Ice Cream Division – Montreal, Canada
– Nestle Canada Inc – Ottawa, Canada
– Nestle Canada Inc. – Edmonton, Canada
– Nestle Canada Inc. – North York, Canada
– Nestle Canada Inc. – Trenton, Canada
– Nestle Canada, Inc. – Brampton, Canada
– Nestle Canada, Inc. – Calgary, Canada
– Nestle Canada, Inc. – Chesterville, Canada
– Nestle Canada, Inc. – London, Canada
– Nestle Canada, Inc. – Montreal, Canada
– Nestle Canada, Inc. – Sherbrooke, Canada
– Nestle Canada, Inc. – Toronto, Canada
– Nestle Capital Corporation – Glendale, CA
– Nestle Chile S.A. – Santiago, Chile
– Nestle China Ltd – Beijing, China
– Nestle Chocolate & Confection – Glendale, CA
– Nestle Clinical Nutrition – Deerfield, IL
– Nestle Clinical Nutrition S.A. – Marne-la-Vallee, France
– Nestle Coffee Specialties France S.A. – Levallois-Perret, France
– Nestle Cold Storage (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
– Nestle Confectionaries Ltd – Kobe, Japan
– Nestle Confectionery Ltd. – Rhodes, Australia
– Nestle Costa Rica S.A. – San Jose, Colombia
– Nestle Cote d’Ivoire – Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
– Nestle Dairy Farm Guangzhou Ltd. – Guangzhou, China
– Nestle Dairy Farm Qingdao Ltd. – Beijing, China
– Nestle Dairy Farm Tianjin Ltd. – Tianjin, China
– Nestle Danmark A/S – Copenhagen, Denmark
– Nestle de Colombia S.A. – Bogota, Colombia
– Nestle Del Uruguay S.A. – Mon
tevideo, Uruguay
– Nestle Deutschland AG – Frankfurt am Main, Germany
– Nestle Deutschland AG – Frankfurt, Germany
– Nestle Ecuador S.A. – Quito, Ecuador
– Nestle Egypt S.A.E. – Cairo, Egypt
– Nestle El Salvador S.A. – San Salvador, El Salvador
– Nestle Enterprises S.A. – Marne-la-Vallee, France
– Nestle Espana S.A. – Barcelona, Spain
– Nestle Finance France S.A. – Marne-la-Vallee, France
– Nestle Food LLC – Moscow, Russia
– Nestle Food S.r.o. – Prague, Czech Republic
– Nestle Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
– Nestle Foods (Thailand) Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
– Nestle Foods Kenya Ltd. – Nairobi, Kenya
– Nestle Foodservice Canada – Rexdale, Canada
– Nestle FoodServices – Glendale, CA
– Nestle Foreign Trade – Glendale, CA
– Nestle Foreign Trade Division – Glendale, CA
– Nestle France SAS – Marne-la-Vallee, France
– Nestle Gabon – Libreville, Gabon
– Nestle Germany – Frankfurt, Germany
– Nestle Ghana Ltd. – Accra, Ghana
– Nestle Guatemala S.A. – Guatemala, Guatemala
– Nestle Guinee – Conakry, Guinea
– Nestle Hellas S.A.I. – Athens, Greece
– Nestle Holdings (U.K.) PLC (Subsidiary) – Croydon, United Kingdom
– Nestle Hondurena S.A. – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
– Nestle Hong Kong Limited – Yuen Long, China (Hong Kong)
– Nestle Hong Kong Ltd. – Hong Kong, China (Hong Kong)
– Nestle Hungaria Kft – Budapest, Hungary
– Nestle Hungary Kft. – Budapest, Hungary
– Nestle Ice Cream (Thailand) Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
– Nestle India Ltd. – Gurgaon, India
– Nestle Italiana S.p.A. – Milan, Italy
– Nestle Ivory Coast – Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
– Nestle Japan Ltd. – Kobe, Japan
– Nestle Jordan Trading Co., Ltd. – Amman, Jordan
– Nestle KK – Kobe, Japan
– Nestle Korea Ltd. – Seoul, Korea (South)
– Nestle Kuwait General Trading Co., W.L.L. – Kuwait, Kuwait
– Nestle Lanka Ltd. – Colombo, Sri Lanka
– Nestle Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
– Nestle Maroc S.A. – Casablanca, Morocco
– Nestle Mexico S.A. de C.V. – Mexico, Mexico
– Nestle Middle East FZE – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
– Nestle Milkpak Ltd – Lahore, Pakistan
– Nestle Nederland B.V. – Demeern, Netherlands
– Nestle Nespresso S.A. – Lausanne, Switzerland
– Nestle New Zealand Ltd. – Auckland, New Zealand
– Nestle Nigeria PLC – Ikeja, Nigeria
– Nestle Nouvelle-Caledonia S.A.S. – Noumea, New Caledonia
– Nestle Nutrition – Glendale, CA
– Nestle Nutrition GmbH – Frankfurt, Germany
– Nestle Panama S.A. – Panama, Panama
– Nestle Paraguay S.A. – Asuncion, Paraguay
– Nestle Peru S.A. – Lima, Peru
– Nestle Philippines, Inc. – Makati, Philippines
– Nestle Polska Sp. zo.o. – Warsaw, Poland
– Nestle Polynesia S.A. – Papeete, French Polynesia
– Nestle Portugal S.A. – Linda-a-Velha, Portugal
– Nestle Portugal, S.A. – Linda-a-Velha, Portugal
– Nestle Prepared Foods – Solon, OH
– Nestle Products (Mauritius) Ltd. – Port Louis, Mauritius
– Nestle Products Sdn. Bhd. – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
– Nestle Produits Laitiers Frais – Noisseville, France
– Nestle Puerto Rico, Inc. – Catano, PR
– Nestle Purina Pet Care – New Malden, United Kingdom
– Nestle Purina PetCare – Jefferson, WI
– Nestle Purina PetCare – Zanesville, OH
– Nestle Purina PetCare Company – Saint Louis, MO
– Nestle Purina Petfoods – Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
– Nestle Purina Product Technology Center – Saint Joseph, MO
– Nestle Qingdao Ltd. – Qingdao, China
– Nestle Senegal – Dakar, Senegal
– Nestle Service Inc. – Glendale, CA
– Nestle Shanghai Ltd. – Shanghai, China
– Nestle Singapore Pte. Ltd. – Singapore, Singapore
– Nestle Slovansko S R O – Prievidza, Slovakia
– Nestle Sofia A.D. – Sofia, Bulgaria
– Nestle Suisse S.A. – Vevey, Switzerland
– Nestle Swiss S.A. – Vevey, Switzerland
– Nestle Taiwan Limited – Taipei, Taiwan
– Nestle Tianjin Ltd. – Tianjin, China
– Nestle Trading (Thailand) Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
– Nestle Transportation Co. – Allentown, PA
– Nestle Transportation Co. – Dekalb, IL
– Nestle Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. – Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
– Nestle Tunisia S.A. – Tunis, Tunisia
– Nestle Turkiye A.S. – Istanbul, Turkey
– Nestle U.K. Ltd. – Croydon, United Kingdom
– Nestle UK Ltd. – Croydon, United Kingdom
– Nestle USA – Bloomington, IL
– Nestle USA – Charlotte, NC
– Nestle USA – Columbia, MD
– Nestle USA Inc. – Bentonville, AR
– Nestle USA Inc. – Dekalb, IL
– Nestle USA Inc. – Denver, CO
– Nestle USA Inc. – Dublin, OH
– Nestle USA Inc. – Eau Claire, WI
– Nestle USA Inc. – Eden Prairie, MN
– Nestle USA Inc. – Edison, NJ
– Nestle USA Inc. – Glendale, CA
– Nestle USA Inc. – Honolulu, HI
– Nestle USA Inc. – Jacksonville, IL
– Nestle USA Inc. – McDonough, GA
– Nestle USA Inc. – Mira Loma, CA
– Nestle USA Inc. – Moses Lake, WA
– Nestle USA Inc. – New Milford, CT
– Nestle USA Inc. – Newport Beach, CA
– Nestle USA Inc. – Phoenix, AZ
– Nestle USA Inc. – Quincy, MA
– Nestle USA Inc. – San Ramon, CA
– Nestle USA Inc. – Solon, OH
– Nestle USA Inc. – Stoughton, WI
– Nestle USA Sales – Glendale, CA
– Nestle USA, Inc. – Glendale, CA
– Nestle USA-Beverage Division – Waverly, IA
– Nestle Venezuela S.A. – Caracas, Venezuela
– Nestle Vevey S.A. – Vevey, Switzerland
– Nestle Vietnam Ltd. – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
– Nestle Water – Greenwich, CT
– Nestle Water Canada Ltd. – Ville de Laval, Canada
– Nestle Water Corporation of America – Greenwich, CT
– Nestle Water France – Vergeze, France
– Nestle Water Inc – Greenwich, CT
– Nestle Water North America – Dracut, MA
– Nestle Waters – Coppell, TX
– Nestle Waters – Guelph, Canada
– Nestle Waters – Hope, Canada
– Nestle Waters Canada – Guelph, Canada
– Nestle Waters Espana, S.A. – Barcelona, Spain
– Nestle Waters France (Subsidiary) – Moulineaux, France
– Nestle Waters North America – Breinigsville, PA
– Nestle Waters North America – Elk Grove Village, IL
– Nestle Waters North America – Grosse Pointe Park, MI
– Nestle Waters North America – Jacksonville, FL
– Nestle Waters North America – Raynham, MA
– Nestle Waters North America – Rochester, NY
– Nestle Waters North America – Woodridge, IL
– Nestle Waters North America Inc – Fort Lauderdale, FL
– Nestle Waters of North America Inc – Brea, CA
– Nestle World Trade Corporation – Vevey, Switzerland
– Nestle Zhukovsky Ice Cream LLC – Moscow, Russia
– Nestle Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd. – Harare, Zimbabwe
– Nestle’s Water North America – Syracuse, NY
– Nestle-Findus Oy – Helsinki, Finland
– Nestle-JMP Jamaica Ltd. – Kingston, Jamaica
– Nestles Purina Petcare – Cape Girardeau, MO
– Nestles U.S.A. – Food Group Inc. – Solon, OH
– OSEM Investments Ltd. – Petah Tiqwa, Israel
– Osterreichische Nestle GmbH – Vienna, Austria
– Ozarka/Oasis Water Co. – Coppell, TX
– P.T. Nestle Beverages Indonesia – Jakarta, Indonesia
– P.T. Nestle Confectionery Indonesia – Jakarta, Indonesia
– P.T. Nestle Indonesia – Jakarta, Indonesia
– P.Y.C.A.S.A.-La Cocinera – Madrid, Spain
– Perrier Group of America Inc. – Elmsford, NY
– Perrier Group of America Inc. – Moonachie, NJ
– Perrier Nestle Waters – Greenwich, CT
– Perrier Vittel Belgilux S.A. – Etalle, Belgium
– Perrier Vittel do Brasil Ltda. – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
– Petersville Australia Ltd. – Sydney, Australia
– Poland Spring Bottling – Poland Spring, ME
– Poland Spring Corporation – Greenwich, CT
– PowerBar Europe GmbH – Munich, Germany
– PowerBar Inc. – Berkeley, CA
– Premier Milk (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. – Selangor, Malaysia
– Productos del Cafe S.A. – Reus, Spain
– Productos Nestle (Nicaragua) S.A. – Managua, Nicaragua
– PTC – New Milford, CT
– Purina Alimentos Ltda. – Sao Paulo, Brazil
– Purina Italia Spa – Milan, Italy
– Purina Korea, Inc. – Seoul, Korea (South)
– Purina Pet Products Group – Saint Louis, MO
– Purina Protein Europe S.A. – Brussels, Belgium
– Quality Coffee Products Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
– R & D Nestle Center Inc. – Marysville, OH
– Ralston Purina Canada Inc. – Mississauga, Canada
– Ralston Purina Overseas Finance N.V. – Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles
– Rive-Reine S.A. – La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland
– S.A. Nestle de Productos Alimenticios – Buenos Aires, Argentina
– S.B.E.C.M. Societe de Bouchages Emballages Conditionnement Moderne S.a.r.l. – Lavardac, France
– Sabliere du Ventoux – Paris, France
– Salvia – Hamburg, Germany
– San Bernardo S.p.a. – Turin, Italy
– San Pellegrino Nestle Waters – Milan, Italy
– Sarotti GmbH – Berlin, Germany
– Saudi Food Industries Ltd. – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
– Shanghai Fuller Foods Co. Ltd. – Shanghai, China
– Sociedad Dominicana de Conservas y Alimentos S.A. – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
– Sociedad Nestle A.E.P.A. – Barcelona, Spain
– Societe Camerounaise de Produits Alimetaires, Dietetiques et Autres (CAMAD) – Douala, Cameroon
– Societe Chantilly – Saint Remy-les-Chevreuse, France
– Societe Commerciale des Eaux Minerales du Bassin de Vichy Saint-Yorre – Paris, France
– Societe des Boissons Gazeuses de Vergeze (GARD) – Vergeze, France
– Societe des eaux minerales Vittor S.A.E. – Cairo, Egypt
– Societe Gabonaise de Produits Alimetaires (SOGAPRAL) – Libreville, Gabon
– Societe Generale de Grandes Sources Eaux Minerales – Paris, France
– Societe Nouvelle des Pastilles de Vichy – Paris, France
– Societe pour l’Exportation de Produits Nestle S.A. – Beirut, Lebanon
– Suomen Nestle Oy – Helsinki, Finland
– Svenska Nestle AB – Helsingborg, Sweden
– Swaziland Fruit Canners (Pty.) Ltd. – Malkerns, Swaziland
– TINO Lebensmittel GmbH – Frankfurt, Germany
– Unilac, Inc. – Panama, Panama
– Wallon Imprimeur S.A. – Saint Yorre, France
– Willy Wonka Inc. – Itasca, IL
– Winiary S.A. – Kalisz, Poland
– Zephyrhills Spring Water Co. – Tampa, FL

Of course, that all includes over 70,000 brands, many of which have been positioned to appear to be competing (For example the top 7 of the top 10 brands of bottled water all belong to Nestle.) Are you afraid yet?
Perhaps I could tell about of Pepsi calling its previous company attorney and asking for a little help with a situation in Chili. The attorney was none other that Richard M Nixon. The situation resulting the
deployment the US Navy and political manipulation by the CIA. Or Pepsi making heroin in Vietnam which it sold to the CIA who sold it in the US to pay for their operations in Vietnam.
Or the Coca Cola company being the only company in the US that is allowed to import coca leaves (the source of cocaine) into the US. Or Coke paying local malitia groups to assassinate union leaders in Colombia.
Or that Walmart costs the American taxpayers about $500,000 per store per year, since it doesn’t pay is employees enough to buy health care, so they get it from the State. This is in addition to the subsides that Wal-Mart demands before opening a new store. In my town, the city had to cough up a cool $350,000 in 1988 dollars. ($601,300 today)
Or that Disney bribed its workers in one of Chinese toy plants 3 days pay if they wouldn’t tell government inspectors that their living conditions and pay were not up to Chincom minimal standards. Disney made 1.3 billion dollars on 8.6 billion dollars in sales, by the way. The workers in that plant made $0.28 an hour on a 12 hr day, which is below Chinese minimum wage.
I could go on and on. But I think you get the idea. Mega-corporations will do whatever the hell they want. And you will pay. And the politicians will pay them to do it. If anyone doubts anything that I said, by all means, look it up. I’m not wrong on any of it. And I know what I am going to do about it. Do you?

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The Dragon Slayer

Psalms 91

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

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Bitter political debate

Actually I titled it that because I have none. I am happy at the moment with my pleasant life and just don’t feel the necessary ire to write a good “What sucks is…” column.
So my mind was wandering today. I was continuing work on my Eco 2 cycle engine. I already knew that a 60 deg V6 s 2 cycle engine has all of the properties of a conventional v12. So it can run properly on one bank. I also realized that it can properly, if unintuitively, on 4 cylinders. And, it will run a proper twin configuration, with power pulses every 180 degs. Its because the crank is 120, and the V angle is 60, so under the correct conditions you can add the vee angle into the crank angle and get 180.
I came up with an otto/otto hybrid a while back. I like it, but I have always wanted to improve it some. I think I did today. Still sorting it out. I’m trying to make a crank where the last throws can be disengaged from the crankshaft at varying angles. Its as weird as it sounds. Anywho, I’ll keep ya posted.

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Discipline and nuts.

Its been a good week so far. Becky and I have been getting really hardcore about the budget. It’s strangely satisfying actually. When we were painfully poor we would have occasional moments when are ability to survive to the next week depended on our discipline and creativity. Those moments were like stars in some very dark night. Becoming a budget nazi sort of lets us have those enjoyable moments again without the crushing pain.
We have a portion of our budget called household. Basically, household is everything that we buy that doesn’t fit into any other category, but isn’t miscellaneous. Well, its $3.50 a week. I mean how much money do you really need to buy 26 TPI 3/8″ nuts? (A dollar 94/100). So now we can’t buy anymore preschool writing paper, paper clips, 26 TPI 3/8 nuts, York Peppermint Patties, etc. until next week. I love it. The discipline that it takes to not spend money when you have money to spend makes me feel the captain of all I survey.
I wonder if there is any relationship between people like my mom and I (who are both, shall we say, tight fisted.) and anorexics. I know anorexics prize themselves on the discipline it takes to starve themselves. I get a tangible thrill out of almost buying something and then not getting it at the last minute. The discipline sort of gives me a rush. Is that weird? Probably. Oh well.

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I very much want to blog today, but I have little to say. Thus, I’ll write one of those sort of slice of life bits.

First, I think its somewhat odd the responses that my blogs get. When I write my crazy political ideas, I get few responses. When I say Rush Limbaugh is a pompous ass I get many comments. Well let me clarify my stance somewhat. I am of the opinion that Rush is a pompous ass. I think I will explain why I feel that way in tomorrow’s blog.

Further clarification (and not of my opinion but of fact). Entertainment is a form of play. Play is essential for all mammalian species. I don’t have problem with entertainment. I don’t have a problem with a professional class of entertainers. It is the demand side and not the supply side that I have a problem with. Play is defined as behavior which has no bearing on the immediate survival of the creature or species. We need it. Its good for us. Now my opinion, from those facts and others: My problem is with entertainment being seen (and sold as) something you should have and must have rather than something you should enjoy if you might have it. That culture of entitlement to entertainment will kill you, whether you’re the rock star or the purchaser of the rock stars albums. If you live like you are entitled to constant novelty and amusement I predict a short and empty life.

Thirdly, I didn’t say Jonny Cash died alone and broke! He did! I quoted his song! The point was not the dieing broke anyway, it was about telling Truth through whatever your gift is, even though it seems like no one ever listens. Jonny Cash was singer and song writer. He told the Truth with the gift he had. Though most people don’t realize it a car mechanic can show Truth with every bolt he turns. Ayan Rand called a diesel engine a “moral code cast in steel”. That Man is made in the image of God can be as clearly shown by good intake manifold as a good beautiful painting. I thought that if I quoted Jonny Cash that would make that sort of odd point more clearly than I. ‘Parently not.

Night all.

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Entertainers and other scum

Rush Limbaugh has made a career complaining about the state of the world in general. I listened to him often as a kid and I remember he had a particular frustration with “welfare moms”. I find it fascinating that not only did Rush develop a drug problem, he developed a drug problem to extremely expensive and unusually controlled drug which no welfare mom could get her hands on. When this become public he happily took the “drug addict is a victim who needs help, not a criminal who needs punishment” point of view. This fascinates me because his fight against that viewpoint his one of the most outstanding features of his work. “the welfare mom is victim who needs help, not a criminal”, “The illegal immigrant is a victim who needs help, not a criminal”, etc., etc. When I mention this to ditto heads, they say “Well he’s just an entertainer.”

Discussing the current sad state of American folk music (contemporary country) with a coworker, I was interrupted by a passing stranger who saw fit to set me straight and tell me “Country musicians are entertainers. Thats what they do, and they get paid a lot to do it. They’re just entertainers.”

Now, this bothers me deeply. But its been a long while figuring out why. I enjoy being entertained, so why do such statements bother me so? Because entertainment for its own sake is evil. Entertainment for its own sake is a cancer that rots the mind from outside in.
The word “amuse” means… a = totally without, muse = thought. Entertainment is to thinking what masturbation is to sex. Both feel somewhat like the real thing, engage us emotionally without depth of purpose, and are totally sterile, without capacity to produce any new life.

Medieval inns would not let actors use the front enterance. The innkeepers considered a person who would change their face and the projection of their soul to the world for mere money to be the lowest of human scum, somewhat above lepers and below heretics.

When Marx said that religion is the opium of the people (often mistranslated as “opiate of the masses”) this was the context “Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” But Marx said this in a pre-TV age. Truly TV is the expression of real life and protest against it.

Music and theater are not evil. Far from it, they have a very important place far elevated above mere entertainment. They are the projection of one mans soul the same way a book is the projection of one mans mind. They are information presented in a way that most who accept it would not accept it in an other way. The root of music and theater is revolution. Music and theater exist to engage us emotionally and intellectually that we may see Truth or at least a truth that we did not know before.

Waayah Cusub is a Somalian pop group. They are singing about warlords, tribal killings, Aids, and Islamic abuse. That is what music is for: speaking the truth were none dare speak it openly. To quote the last great American folk singer, Johnny Cash…

It was winter time in Nashville, down on music city row.
And I was lookin’ for a place to get myself out of the cold.
To warm the frozen feelin’ that was eatin’ at my soul.
Keep the chilly wind off my guitar.

My thirsty wanted whisky; my hungry needed beans,
But it’d been of month of paydays since I’d heard that eagle scream.
So with a stomach full of empty and a pocket full of dreams,
I left my pride and stepped inside a bar.

Actually, I guess you’d could call it a Tavern:
Cigarette smoke to the ceiling and sawdust on the floor;
Friendly shadows.

I saw that there was just one old man sittin’ at the bar.
And in the mirror I could see him checkin’ me and my guitar.
An’ he turned and said: “Come up here boy, and show us what you are.”
I said: “I’m dry.” He bought me a beer.

He nodded at my guitar and said: “It’s a tough life, ain’t it?”
I just looked at him. He said: “You ain’t makin’ any money, are you?”
I said: “You’ve been readin’ my mail.”
He just smiled and said: “Let me see that guitar.
“I’ve got something you oughta hear.”
Then he laid it on me:

“If you waste your time a-talkin’ to the people who don’t listen,
“To the things that you are sayin’, who do you think’s gonna hear.
“And if you should die explainin’ how the things that they complain about,
“Are things they could be changin’, who do you think’s gonna care?”

There were other lonely singers in a world turned deaf and blind,
Who were crucified for what they tried to show.
And their voices have been scattered by the swirling winds of time.
‘Cos the truth remains that no-one wants to know.

Well, the old man was a stranger, but I’d heard his song before,
Back when failure had me locked out on the wrong side of the door.
When no-one stood behind me but my shadow on the floor,
And lonesome was more than a state of mind.

You see, the devil haunts a hungry man,
If you don’t wanna join him, you got to beat him.
I ain’t sayin’ I beat the devil, but I drank his beer for nothing.
Then I stole his song.

And you still can hear me singin’ to the people who don’t listen,
To the things that I am sayin’, prayin’ someone’s gonna hear.
And I guess I’ll die explaining how the things that they complain about,
Are things they could be changin’, hopin’ someone’s gonna care.

I was born a lonely singer, and I’m bound to die the same,
But I’ve got to feed the hunger in my soul.
And if I never have a nickle, I won’t ever die ashamed.
‘Cos I don’t believe that no-one wants to know.

“…Just an entertainer” is not an excuse, it is an insult. “just an entertainer” is the epitaph for a prophet with a holy calling, who has turned his back on the God who gifted him and whores his gift for the mere approval of man.

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Again, american cars suck

And so it begins. All good things things must come to an end; how much more so really lame things. My wagon has began its slide to death. A bent tensioner resulting in a thrown belt, which resulted in a torn wire, which resulted in small fire, which resulted in a half melted belt wrapping around various engine components, which resulted in a broken power steering pump. When the power steering pump broke it hit the AC lines, pulling them the condenser into the radiator.
In seconds my car was damaged beyond all value of replacement. I need new …

power steering pump

Total price: 284.17

Now, its moments like these that cause me to consider the amount of gas that my dinosaur uses. Visions of a car that doesn’t suck dance in my head. Blithely I check all the companies offerings.
The cheapest car that every company makes is between 12K and 15K. I checked them all. Here for you viewing pleasure is my synopsis of all the available offerings

Chevy: Aveo. This isn’t really a Chevy at all. Daewoo, all ready famous for building such varied products as fork lifts and machine guns tried to sell a car to the American market. They weren’t that great and Korea had some economic problems, so daewoo went broke. Chevy had been making the Aveo’s engines so they bought up the dies for the Lanos and now sell them as Aveos. Daewoos idea was to make a small car that rode like a luxury car. This is why the Aveo has the smallest engine and the worst gas mileage.

Dodge: Caliber. If robots have turds this is what they look like. Do you know what you get when you cross a full size ’01 Dodge Ram with a ’78 Gremlin? Something not even as ugly as a Caliber. And for a subcompact it gets atrocious gas mileage (notice a pattern here?)

Ford: Focus. Pretty little car. To bad it is built by people who hate their customers. The Focus beat out such illustrious competition as the Pinto (The barbecue that seats 4), The Aspen and Vega (chassis failure due to perforatory corrosion), the Fiero (the barbecue that seats 2) and the Citation (simultaneous recalls for brake failure and sticking accelerator) as the most frequently recalled car in history. And its built by a company that has had a CEO every 9 months for the last 3 yearsand who’s bonds have been listed as junk status. (Very unlikely to be repaid)

Mitsubishi: Lancer. Entry level sport compact rather than subcompact. Not entry level enough.

Subaru: No subcompact. Fantastically built street legal rally racers. Priced accordingly.

Toyota: Yaris. Nice car. Stupid name. Slightly better gas mileage than most. Small actually available in nice manual features like power windows. (In a car 4 feet wide, power windows are retarded and merely add weight, hence the slightly better gas mileage.) And due to the intelligently restricted part content, a little cheaper than even the Chevy. It happens to be made by one of the most respected companies on earth.

Honda: Fit. Honda worked its corporate butt off from the bottom of the food chain as a company who made piston rings, to a company that made comic little motorcycles to a international player in the auto market. Decades of hard work have left them with a name that people will pay extra for. The Fit is practically interchangeable with the Yaris, except that it cost $4,000 more.

Scion: Xa (thats “ex-ay” not “shah”) This is why Toyota can afford to sell the Yaris for 11K. because this a gilded Yaris aimed so squarely at the genX youth market that website is a interactive comic. Its basically a Yaris/Fit/Aveo with a bunch of boy racer options. Why anyone would want a factory standard fart cannon muffler and Boeing spec spoiler is beyond me, but if you do, buy a Xa. And they’re pricey.

Suzuki: Aerio pleasantly unremarkable compact. If you parked it next to an Aveo, I’m not sure you could tell the difference till you could read the name badge. It gets a whopping 28 MPG same as the Caliber. In case no one remembers, THAT’S FRAGIN’ AWFUL!!! Studebaker had larger cars that got that with FLATHEAD MILLS between the wars. The original VW Beatles did better as well. Anywho, it costs a lot too.

Kia: Rio. In case anyone ever wondered what quality of car people in concentration camps build, here’s your big chance. This is a family blog so I cannot give my real opinion of Kia. Let me allow the professionals to say it with more precision, if less passion. “Despite a hefty 21% improvement in overall quality last year, Kia remained the worst-quality brand in the J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study, which ranks vehicles and brands by how many problems owners report the first 90 days of ownership. ” And its ugly as home made sin. And gets better mileage with the Auto then the stick, but you still have to pay extra for the auto.

Hyundai: Accent. BTW, Hyundai uses a purposeful mispronunciation of their name in their Anglo ads. Its not “Hon Day” its more like “Hewn-die”. Oh well. The Accent is OK. Decent mileage, and the cheapest base model of the lot. Its also the only company that sells a base model without AC. When you step up to AC the price is a little bit more than a Yaris or Aveo.

Volkswagon: Rabbit. This is not a new model. This is last years Golf with new name. VW feels that the new name will invoke warm fuzzies with 30 somethings whose parents drove them around in them when they were kids. (I’m totally serious, the advertising director actually said that.) And they have lame gas mileage with the highest price in the lot.

Nissan: Versa. Totally adequate. Absolutely no reason to get one of these instead of another unless you happen to really like Nissans. Within 5% of every baseline the other cars have.

Mazda: Mazda3. At this point I am so sick of this little comparison its not even funny. Guess what. It weighs around 3000 lbs (Like everything else) It has around 150 HP (like everything else.) It has a 5 speed manual (Like everything else). It gets between 28-32 MPG (like everything else.) And it costs between 12K and 15K LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE! 14 companies making 14 IDENTICAL PRODUCTS!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE, and WHY? Couldn’t they anyone of these companies sell more if they made their product appeal to a different group? 14 nearly identical products trying to sell to the same demographic group. Maybe thats why profit margins are so low?

So they pretty much all suck. I am eying Yaris not because its greater but because it sucks less.
It costs less, gets better gas mileage, and is built by a company with a world wide reputation for being one of the best on earth.

It makes me want to cry. I wish I could get a car like you could once upon in Europe. The Fiat 850 Coupe had a top speed of 110, got 40 mpg and seated 4. And they were cheap! Of course they also had Fiats famous self combusting electrics, and rain soluble paint, but dang it they had SOUL. Cars don’t have soul anymore. Every company tries to sell me crap I don’t need and price it high. *sigh*

Still Toyota’s net profit ($14 B) is only 1% of each sale, I guess they have to make every dollar they can.

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Preamble to my Utopia Continued

The writing of law must be based around six ideas: (1.) Man is valuable. (2.) Man’s freedom is valuable. (3.) Most (though not all) men will exploit others if given the chance (4.) Governments are composed men very much like the ones they govern. (5.) Governments and law should be put in place by the same men whom it governs (6.) The purpose of government and law is to prevent and punish exploitation (ie, a person or group removing the freedom of another for some sort of personal gain.)

With a framework to judge man, law and government in hand, it it time to list the limitations of man, law, and government. Law and government are for most men, not saints and not devils. Saints need no government, they will always do the right thing. Devils will not be dissuaded from wrong no matter how harsh the penalties. It is not for these ungovernable men that law is written or executed. It for the common man. Because of this, many compromises must be made in the writing of law. The saint must be burdened with laws he does not need, and the devil with laws he will never follow, so that the common man may be governed. However, the saint and the common man both need not burdened with laws written solely punish the devil. Such laws burden the good and actively benefit the evil, for devils will have their vices, and if vices are banned the devil will simply be better paid.

No government can make man not prone to exploitation Further, no government in history has ever figured out how to produce saints but many have figured out how to produce devils. The common man is not easily pushed toward sainthood and his toehold on morality is precarious, but he will slide toward evil with great ease. This must be considered not only in the laws which regulate the actions of the common man, but those which regulate the actions of the government itself as well. After all, a government is nothing more than body of common men.

The last limitation of government is funding. Since man is prone to exploitation, and the government prevents it, few men will pay voluntarily pay the government to govern them. The government must collect its funding by force, called taxes. Since man’s freedom is valuable and taxes are coercively collected, the government must be as small and efficient as possible to make this loss of freedom as negligible as possible.

The last limitation of man is how he acts in groups. In general a group may have all the freedoms of a person. However, groups have an incredible power over man, and over his institutions. The larger and more cohesive a group is the more power it can have. Since large cohesive groups have this power the larger and more cohesive a group is, the greater the groups freedoms must be restricted to prevent the exploitation of other groups and individuals. A nation and a state both represent groups of voters. Since there is rarely cohesion between voters, as a group they need no restrictions. A national government and a state government both also represent groups. Both are large and highly cohesive, so they need strong restrictions of freedom. The national government is larger and needs more restrictions than the state government. In fact, the national government must be the most powerful group in the nation to do its duty. Thus, its freedoms are more restricted than any other group in the nation.

Corporations and religions represent very challenging groups for government. Both are excellent for the the people. One encourages wealth and hard work, the other moral behavior at work and at home. However, despite these benefits, both can contain very large, highly cohesive, and very effective groups. These to types of group have enormous potential to exploit others. As such their freedoms must be restricted proportionally to any other group of the same power and wealth.

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