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Because reality is beautiful.

Discipline and nuts.

Its been a good week so far. Becky and I have been getting really hardcore about the budget. It’s strangely satisfying actually. When we were painfully poor we would have occasional moments when are ability to survive to the next week depended on our discipline and creativity. Those moments were like stars in some very dark night. Becoming a budget nazi sort of lets us have those enjoyable moments again without the crushing pain.
We have a portion of our budget called household. Basically, household is everything that we buy that doesn’t fit into any other category, but isn’t miscellaneous. Well, its $3.50 a week. I mean how much money do you really need to buy 26 TPI 3/8″ nuts? (A dollar 94/100). So now we can’t buy anymore preschool writing paper, paper clips, 26 TPI 3/8 nuts, York Peppermint Patties, etc. until next week. I love it. The discipline that it takes to not spend money when you have money to spend makes me feel the captain of all I survey.
I wonder if there is any relationship between people like my mom and I (who are both, shall we say, tight fisted.) and anorexics. I know anorexics prize themselves on the discipline it takes to starve themselves. I get a tangible thrill out of almost buying something and then not getting it at the last minute. The discipline sort of gives me a rush. Is that weird? Probably. Oh well.


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