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Because reality is beautiful.

so confused

I don’t know what to believe anymore. They say God is Truth. Could it be wrong to love truth so much that you doubt God? Its not that I doubt the truth of Gods existence. To me the beauty of the world cries out for a Draftsmen. The jagged edge of the mountains and the smooth rolling curves of the rivers are but the brush strokes of the great Artist.

But the personal nature of God so preached by the post-renaissance theologians seems so strangely empty. They say I must pray. Why must a all knowing God have my petty needs brought to his attention? A wise friend answered: this is not for God’s benefit, for it would be a poor god who needed anything from his creation, but for my enrichment. I must focus my spirit on God, meditating on His nature and ways.

Prayer must be for us and not for God. If prayer did indeed change things, then perhaps 3 million Jews were praying to the wrong God? I wonder if of the millions that died under Mao none knew the right name for God? Would it even matter how much we suffered in this life if Hell is what we think it is? What could a moments suffering on earth matter if a person is going to Hell anyway?

Meditate on the Unknowable that you may reach the Unreachable. Isn’t that the mysticism the center of every mystic sect of all religions? Mine is not alone in claiming it is the only road, yet I am told only mine is indeed the only true path. If I had been born in another country or another time I would have grown up hearing an other path as the right one. Would it then be God’s will for me to die forever upon the first death, rather than live forever?

Why is the Bible inspired and the Koran isn’t? If the Bible is inspired, is the Koran inspired when it agrees with the Bible? Does that mean the Koran is partially inspired? Is God responsible for the good we do or are we alone responsible? If God loves freewill so much that he allows people like Mao and Stalin to murder scores of millions of people then why should we possibly petition Him for assistance? The New Testament says that God puts the civil leaders in place, and to obey them for they have the power they posses to be God’s justice upon man.
For what crime against God did 60 million Chinese die? Mao’s troops killed anyone who wore glasses. Glasses meant you could read, and that meant you had been or would soon be an enemy of the Collective.

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