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There is in this life an inner reality (spiritual) and an outer reality (physical). One exists in the mind, the other exists outside of it. The outer reality is objective and verifiable. The inner reality is subjective and verifiable only in the way that the effect on the mind can be seen in the outer reality.
There are two types of science. Science that deals with that which is repeatable in fact, and science which deals with that which is repeatable only componentially. Physics is the former, history the later. Science can probe the operation of the mind, but only in the way that the operation of the mind effects the physical world. Science can tell you with precision what chemicals are present when you dream, but can only answer in general trends if you ask what your dream means. This isn’t because your dream isn’t real. It is. This happens because science can only give meaning to your dream through the back door of comparison. What are the themes of your dream, your life, and your current situations? From that the likely meaning of your dream can be tabulated by comparing the reports of other people who match the demography. Science has a lovely certainty. Which is why it is horribly misused to attempt to answer questions that it can’t answer.
Humans beings suffer from an ability to perceive the outer reality through the lens of the inner reality. But the universe doesn’t care how much you want to fly. If you jump off a building, you will fall. Thus, science is system by which the desires of the viewer do not change the perception of the viewed. More simply science means seeing the universe as it IS regardless of how you WANT to see it.
This gets us into to trouble though, when we apply it to the inner reality. In the inner reality what you WANT to see IS. Thats called imagination. You can apply science to the mind only in statistical comparative way. When you use the mind to probe the mind, you will see what you want to see.
And it gets stickier. Say you stub your toe. Nerves sense a rapid density displacement and send a charge down the ganglions into the spinal chord then up the chord into the brain. Telling you your toe really hurts. You might not run marathons barefoot anymore. You changed you’re behavior because the chemicals in your brain acted a certain way. But we can skip the whole toe/nerve/ganglion/spinal chord route and go directly to the brain. You can dream you stubbed your toe, feel the pain just as if you did, and make the same behavior change, because at far as the inner reality is concerned, the exact same thing happened in either case.
Scientific insight is gained by not looking for what you want to see. Spiritual insight is gained by looking for what you want to see. Two realities, both important, but with totally different methods of gaining insight. Further, true spirituality will requires both.
Science can answer HOW, but not why. (Diehard atheists are upset by that, but hear me out) Science can answer why a principal happens only accepting certain assumptions. Why do electric motors turn when electricity flows through the armature? Well the electrons flowing through the wire creates an electromagnetic field which expands and contracts causing the rotor to turn. But why does electrons flowing through a wire create magnetism? Because the atoms that make up the wire respond that way to the electrons. Why? Because the quarks in the electrons respond that way to the quarks in the wire’s atoms. But WHY? See, when you say why when you mean how it can just go on and on.
The inner reality is our only way of accessing the capital C cause of it all. Ultimately the answer to questions is the exercise of will. We seek to explore the capital W will with the little C will.
Good grief this is coming out half baked. Long and the short of all my rambling, I am tired of exploring the inner reality alone. I want some friends to explore it with.

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