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a pretty chain of souls

To the Christian Right:
I’ve been reading the Bible lately. I know that it scares you when I read it for myself without you to intercept the message and sanitize it for me, but I have to read it. There is a man named Joshua hiding in between the paragraphs and lines and must find him. Or I die.
You might be right about some simple thing hidden in the bullshit, but I think I can say, with conviction and correctness: everything you believe is wrong. The one in a million things that you are right about are for the wrong reason.
1. Your translations are wrong. There isn’t single excellent English translation. God is faithful to speak to the English speaking people of earth that seek Him. We can find Him in your butchered tomes, but only barely. His name is not “God” His name is things like Master General of all Armies, the Master who always provides. You leave the names of long dead cities in Hebrew, but dare to rename God for your editorial convince.
2. Your history is wrong: This is not God’s chosen nation. We are not a “Christian Nation” whatever the hell that means. We were never a Christian nation. Religious freedom does not now mean, nor did it ever mean the freedom to practice the stripe of Christianity you choose. The signers of the constitution were men much like us. Some wise, some foolish, some heavenly and some earthy. Our position in the world is not for our righteousness. God uses us as he uses all Empires: to provide continuity over a wide area. We humble other nations because of their unrighteousness, not to highlight our righteousness.
3. Your present is wrong: This is not the beginning of the cultural wars. These are the last days of a war fought for 2000 years. The time is not coming. The time is now.
4. Your future is wrong. We are not at the cusp. We passed the cusp, the mold is cast. The “tribulation” is not some dastardly thing that the Lord will save us from. The tribulation is beautiful and holy in God’s sight. God’s Judgment is no bigger and no smaller than His mercy. Gods not idly watching the world burn down. He’s stoking the fire.
5. You create controversy where there is none to maintain a desperate, lost, and stupid constituency who needs you to make it all better. The Bible is not unclear about
A. marriage after divorce.
B. The punishment of those who take innocent life.
C. Who His chosen nation is
D. What the church looks like
You lie about all these things. You make people argue about whether to tithe of off gross or net income while you collect a pretty chain of souls.
6. Your identity is wrong. You think you are the New Bishopric, the rightful heir of the reigns of the Church since the Catholics failed to contain Luther. You are not. You are the very old Pharisees.
7. You think you want theocracy. But like everything else you are that is lie. God rules all governments. To state that theocracy is rule by God is to say that God rules other governments less. Do you think you can contain the power of the Reigning Lord of Heaven and Earth by the name of your government? Or are you so wise to determine the soul of a man in a glance? Will you decide who is truly believer and thus fit to rule with one of your many top selling self help books? You don’t want rule by God, or you would let Him rule you. You want to rule. You want clericracy (rule by priesthood) not theocracy. You have made yourselves equal to the not only the task of husbanding the Bride, but of ruling the kingdom as well! There is no high priest between God and man but Christ, and no king not under the King of Kings.
8. You do not hate what God hates. You add to and subtract from scripture as you see fit. As if we did not have enough already, you invent sins that the Holy Spirit never mentioned.
9. You do not love what God loves.

In short. You are not who you think you are. You are all the power, corruption, manipulation, and greed you wish to destroy. Fear not, you will be successful.


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  1. There is some truth to relativism, as your brother would say. The christian right is neither as righteous as they’ed like to think they are nor as evil as it’s possible to be mad about. We are all fallen creatures, stumbling along lame, halt, and crippled, trying to do the best we can. The difference is that WE fallen creatures are redeemed and being thus are brothers and sisters. I’ve seen Christian love in a profane enraged man charging the enemy and in someone reaching out with a cup of water. My question… how am I showing it today? (And by the way… the profane enraged man left his weapon behind and grabbed a wounded ally away from the enemy and he and I carried him to safety)

    Comment by RiverRatRanger | October 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. your not talking about a person your talking about a movement. A movement that has been teaching lies in the church. I think your message sounds a lot like that which Jesus gave to the Pharisees. (I’m sure he had more love in His heart being that He is God). The point still stands lies need to challenged, or the church will keep teaching them and the body will keep believing them.If you have taught me any one thing that I appreciate the most, that would be “not to believe something just because hearing it my whole life makes it sound right. Does what I’m hearing fit the character of the God of the entire Bible, from Genesis to revelation. Or does it just sound right because it fits our culture?

    Comment by nana | November 6, 2007 | Reply

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