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everbody is a martyr

I think it is strange that people put military service members on a pedestal. Its because they see the risks that we endure and they think we do it for them. A person can live for something without being willing to die for it, but I doubt that a person could be willing to die for an idea without being willing to live for it.

I think a lot more people are willing to die for what they believe in than anyone realizes. “..if you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice…” All those alcoholics who drink themselves to death, all those angry, sullen young men that die in pointless gang fights, all the people who die of heart disease at 45. They all pursued a lifestyle that had a cost. Its not alcohol that kills the alcoholic, nor cirrhosis, its him. When a 17 year old gets gunned down in the street he has sacrificed his life for something he believes in: flashy cloths, easy money, and the “gansta” life. The corpulently fat die as martyrs to their own god: the pleasure of eating.

I think we are all martyrs in the end. I think all of us die for the glory of our god. Its just so many of us enthrone plastic gods and tin goddesses we dare not look at others this way, least our god be revealed to be nothing but the work of our hands. Everyone loves idols. They are always right where you put them, no soul searching or spiritual disciple. But in the back of out mind, somewhere we know that this god we serve isn’t real. It can’t save us, its not any stronger than we are because it… is we.

If we all must die for that “one thing”, what would we chose? I know a lot of us in the USAF will, in the unlikely event we die for our country, probably die for a fast car, a Nintendo Wii, and a weekend in a strip club; a precious few might die for the GI Bill. A handful might die for their people.

Still, what do I chose?


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