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Reading the Bible isn’t making it more clear, its confusing me more.


I make this clear sometimes in my blog. I don’t hate Christ, I just hate the multimedia politico-religious for profit enterprise that predominately Christianity. I am reading through the Bible right now, cover to cover and I have made it as far as the Gospel of John. Now no person who reads the Bible can logically argue that physics is something that really concerns God much. Consider…

God made light and darkness on the first day, but the sun and stars on the 4th, or that he made plants before he made the sun. How did the plants survive in absolute zero?

God makes the sun stand still for Joshua

I could go on, but I don’t really need too. Any believer will tell you one of the things that makes the miraculous just that, is that it doesn’t make sense, it defies what we know about physics. And since God is the author of physics its his to rewrite on the spot as he sees fit.

I’m not stating the above as any kind of “proof” against God, I’m just saying thats God doesn’t really care for physics and any attempt to explain God in a way that puts more “rationally” is going to rob truth from both God and physics, satisfying the intrinsic demands of neither.

The problem that I am running into in the New Testament is God not following his own moral code. Condsider:

Jesus says that anyone who calls another man “Fool” is in danger of hellfire. He then calls the Pharisees fools.

He says to love your enemy and promises eternal damnation for God’s enemies.

If John the Baptist saw the Spirit of God descend on Jesus like a dove and say “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased” why did he have to send disciples to ask if Jesus was the Christ?

A lot of the things that Jesus says are in direct contradiction with the Law of the Torah. In the Torah a woman was commanded to fight a rapist (or die, actually). In the New Testament Jesus says to “turn the other cheek”.

I’m really confused by all this, and I just keep finding more things that confuse me. I’m not going to stop reading, but I am getting more disappointed by the day.

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