Ronin of the Spirit

Because reality is beautiful.

Hail to the king.

I’ve been writing a lot of buzzword posts lately.  Today is not that post.

Today, I rode my bicycle home from work, a nice reasonable, 6 miles.  I lane shared with traffic which I don’t normally do, because people down here are generally too stupid to avoid running over a cyclist unless he is fearfully hugging the curb.  But today, I did stop light sprints.  This is when you weave up through the lanes of traffic at a light, and drag race off the line.  If you really do it right you can drop the people from the last stoplight at the next one and only get passed by the first 3 cars.  I passed perhaps 100 cars like that.  It feels amazing… to beat people in huge powered boxes with only the strength of your legs and the help of delicate metal frame.

So I was pretty jazzed up when I got home.  Today is also a special day… today I am home without my adorable wife and daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both dearly, but there is something hedonisticly decadent about coming home to an empty house when you are a family man.  Supper is in the crock pot.  So I took my clothes off in the living room as I walked into the kitchen, yup supper is going to be amazing. I went up the stairs. I was still hot from the ride home and I rinsed my head in cold water, then shaved it.  Then I took a nice cool shower.  I came down stairs and cranked up all the music I don’t play in front of my young, impressionable daughter.  My Goth, my hardcore, my death metal.

Some days I am up, some days I am down.  Yesterday morning I was really sad. The problems of this old world were really getting me down.  Injustice everywhere, men unworthy of responsibility vested in them, global warming, bloody knuckled jihad, unholy compromise, and heroes for sale.

But today, I am that sort of delightfully angry.  I am clean, feed, cool, and hungry.  This place I live in a real crap hole.  My wife and I chose it purposefully to save money.  I look around at the decay.  I am the king of my tiny, broken, world.  Right now I feel like I am the change I want to see and that’s good.  I can punch ignorant people in the face and feel no pain right now.

It won’t last, so I will enjoy this whilst I may.

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