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Tears for the unmorned

Deborah Jeane Palfrey was a somewhat mousy woman, with wispy brown hair a penchant for wearing red lipstick that wasn’t quite the right shade of red. She attended Rollins College in Orlando, where she got her bachelors degree in criminal justice. She attempted to go to law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, but left for reasons of her own. While working as a paralegal in San Diego she made extra money as a cocktail waitress. This work brought her in contact with a lot of escorts. She found the working conditions appalling, and decided to go into the business herself, running an escort service. Apparently, she had a hard time paying the bills this way, as she did get caught “hooking” herself and spent 18 months in prison.

After getting out she decided that if this was the way she was going to make a living she was going to do it right. She headed straight for the halls of power and privilege in this country, Washington D.C., and began an escort service called Pamela Martin & Associates. Her idea was to bring college educated and very attractive escorts to D.C. where they could entertain men who had access to the deepest pockets in the world: the tax revenue of the the 300 million richest people on earth. She chose brilliant women, among them Brandy Britton, a former sociology and anthropology professor at the University of Maryland.

It worked fantastically. From 1993 to October 2006 she made a good living of about $160,000 a year. The problem was her home. She had two houses, each worth about $450,000. The IRS suspected trouble. Unfortunately, for the IRS, or fortunately for Ms. Palfrey, there just wasn’t any real evidence. They couldn’t get a warrant. Well, no worries. The IRS doesn’t NEED warrants! Since Ms. Palfrey was selling her house federal investigators could just pretend to be a couple buying her home! Then she would let them in and they could just wander around and look at things all they wanted! It worked.

Then they had everything they needed to get a warrant. The IRS found $500,000 in various accounts. She was now accused of money laundering. In April, 2008 she was found guilty of money laundering. In the process, she outed Randall L. Tobias, US Deputy Secretary of State, Ambassador and Director for US Foreign Aid, and Senator David Vitter. (Both God fearing Republicans, by the way.) If you’ve a dark sense of humor, it might amuse you to know that Randall Tobias was responsible for the United States policy on treating AIDS abroad. While telling the poor of Africa the only way to avoid AIDS was abstinence he was screwing nice, clean, $300 an hour whores. Also, he left a $18.6 billion dollar drug company (and the 18th largest company on Earth) to take on the position of Deputy Secretary of State.

Well, poor Deborah was found guilty, but she refused to take it lying down, if you pardon the pun. She said, “I am sure as heck not going to be going to federal prison for one day, let alone, you know, four to eight years here, because I’m shy about bringing in the deputy secretary of whatever, not for a second. I’ll bring every last one of them in if necessary.” 1

She had 10 to 15 thousand names that she was going put out in the open. 2 If that sounds bluster, 5 lawyers contacted her immediately after she announced that, to keep the names of their clients secret. Whatever was on that list must have really bothered some people. Remember Brandy Britton? She was one of Deborah’s girls. She was called as a witness, but inconveniently, hung herself before she could testify.

Sadly, we will never know what Deborah’s plan was. She hung herself this morning, just like Brandy Britton. Which is odd because she said not long ago, “I guess I’m made of something that Brandy Britton wasn’t made of.” That makes two suicides, both in the exact same manner, on what could have been the case of the century. But the FBI is unconcerned. “… the FBI was notified about the death, “due to the ongoing cases we knew Ms. Palfrey had in the Washington area,” but they are not investigating. ” 1.

Well, I think we can all rest assured there is no foul play here. After all, it’s not like anyone important could possibly have been implicated by her list. Who could possibly gain from her death?


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  1. I wondered about her death when I head the news. Sounds a little too convenient doesn’t it?

    Comment by CC | May 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Unfortunately our society has evolved to the point where a woman can lose her way and be targeted by the powers to be and a U.S. Senator can walk away with a bogus confession. Even worse the pain he has inflicted upon his family due to his selfish behavior. Even worse he join the politicians who have embarrassed us before the world. Bill and David should sit down and compare escapades.

    Comment by danny daniels | May 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. She didn’t “lose her way” she made a freewill choice to get obscenely rich selling sex. And I couldn’t give two shits about the “pain he has inflicted upon his family”. Or he made us look to the rest of the world. My issue is that 2 people on one case, one a witness, and one the accused both committed suicide. This obviously needs to be investigated, but it isn’t being investigated. What’s sad is that woman can die suspiciously and no one cares.

    Comment by truthwalker | May 5, 2008 | Reply

  4. The US Government psychologically tortured Deborah Jeane Palfrey to the point of suicide, (in other words to the point of murder).
    From an international human rights point of view she was totally innocent.
    Why did the US Government do such a thing to her? So they could steal her assets and life savings and claim everything was done legally.
    Deborah worked hard for her money, she was an intelligent, successful and hard working business woman.
    In her 52 years of existence she never hurt one soul, she was a sweet and beautiful person.
    Every single government official involved with her case (or torture) have her blood on their hands. The US government basically murdered her just so they could steal her money.
    Only a very cruel government could do such a thing.
    (Deborah – I as a fellow human being love and respect you with all my heart, I know you were innocent just like Jesus was innocent of all charges brought upon him before he was crucified – God bless your soul).

    Comment by Brenda from England | May 21, 2008 | Reply

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