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Apparently, writing 4 posts about nuclear reactors then writing nothing for a week is a sure way to kill interest in one’s site. Oh well. This isn’t really going to be the post that changes anything. A sharp acquaintance of mine (the skepbitch) has pointed out to me I don’t really do “correct” skepticism. That is to say I don’t take a paranormal/spiritual claim and break it down with reason to show that is the paranormal/spiritual answer is less likely than one that fits into normal hard science. (I like applying skepticism to soft science like politics, but as the Skepbitch pointed out, that’s sort of dicey. I think this is because soft science generally lacks rigidity of principals. Physics is full of concrete principals. Political science has few truly concrete principals. Also, good research involves control groups and double blind studies. Ethics often prevents the use of both in the study of humans.)

Well, she’s right. I don’t normally do that. I am afraid to. Jesus said that if you cast out someones demons without putting the love of God in, then you have thrown a demon out and swept the house. When the demon comes back he will bring some buddies for a demonic hoedown. They will find the person’s soul in good order, ready to dominate. It will then be worse for the person than before. Abnormal psychology says something shockingly similar: Delusions form the beliefs systems we have. If you treat someone’s delusion but give them no new belief system to prop up them up, they tend to acquire a new belief system with new delusions that are at least as damaging, if not more so, then the first ones.

Anytime Jesus and and world wide school of psychology agree, I figure its got to be pretty right. I am afraid to, not for my soul, but for the quality of life of those I interact with. People are ready to abandon delusions when they decide they are ready, not when I can argue them into a corner. So I generally leave the big ones alone. I have made peace with questions that reality seems to pose to God and God to reality. Others have not, and unless a person asks me for my full opinion with chance to explain and develop context, I avoid clear questions and clear statements in public forums.

This leaves me to quibble about things that most people think are less important, like nuclear power and electric cars. But I am going to try and do one really truly classically skeptical post. It’s going to be my next one or so.

May 19, 2008 - Posted by | Religion, skepticism

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