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The Non-existent Spritiual Hierarchy

Ok, note one: stereotypes generally have a basis in reality. Note two: Western fundementalist Christianity stereotypically has a paradigm of the pursuits of man as a disease. Whenever I talk to my Christian friends I hear something like this:

Fundamentalist: “I just haven’t been spending enough time with the Lord.”

Me: “Well, what have you been doing?”

Fundamentalist: “Well, I’ve just been so busy caring for people and providing for my family’s spiritual and physical needs.”

Me: “That’s bad?”

Fundamentalist: “Well, I really let those mundane things distract me from the pursuit of the Lord.”

See? The things you do are bad. Working, talking to friends, making love to your wife, these things are all good things, but not as good as praying.

Its seen like this: A spiritual hierarchy

(1.) The inner spiritual quest, things like meditating and general religious feeling. (2.) The outer spiritual quest, things like fasting and prayer. (3.) The inner physical quest, to eat healthily and exercise. (4.) The outer physical quest, to have a roof over your head and car. (5.) The inner social quest, to be a good friend. (6.) The outer social quest, to have good friends.

If you are a Christian fundamentalist, you must never depart from this. It is never OK to go to the gym instead of pray (putting 3rd in the 1st spot) but it is OK to move away from your friends to live in a better house (putting 4 ahead of 6)

I say, bologna. There is no evidence of any of this in the Old or New Testaments. So many of my dear friends beat themselves up because they don’t enjoy number 1, but do enjoy number 6. They chose celebrity witnesses like King David, or Jesus and say “Oh, I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. Because my life doesn’t look like that.”

This always reminds me of the example of playing guitar. I have a guitar. I enjoy my guitar. From time to time, I take it out of the case and sing silly songs to my daughter, or bawdy ones to my wife. The fact that I am not Eric Clapton doesn’t keep me up at night. I could practice 8 hours a day for the rest of my life and NEVER be as good as Eric Clapton.

Sometimes I like to throw around a basketball. I am terrible at basketball. Again, I could have started playing basketball when I was 4 and been playing 8 hours a day ever since. And I still wouldn’t be as good as the worst college ball player around.

But I have an invention notebook. I’ll bet you there isn’t anybody in the NBA that has notebook of inventions. And I’ll be Eric Clapton can’t design his way out of wet paper sack.

If you believe God doesn’t make junk, then you must believe he made your desires with a purpose. I don’t spend any large amount of time in prayer and meditation. Unlike 5 years ago, I don’t feel bad about that anymore. I designed a jet motor that has no moving parts. I don’t know if it works yet because I haven’t prototyped it yet, but dang it, I designed it.

Is God more glorified by one man’s prayer for the salvation of 10,000 people than by one man inventing a vaccine that saves 10,000 people? I think not. Everybody is different, and God made them that way.

There is NO spiritual hierarchy. Stop living by a made-up moral code that says the things you like are crap because they are not “spiritual.” Do you think that which brings you joy flows out of nothing? What is the spirit but the summation of our joys? The peace and satisfaction I get from putting things in my invention notebook is just as real, just as spiritual, and just as holy as the joy and peace that a mystic gets from praying, a pastor from pastoring, a lover loving, father fathering, or a mother mothering.

The spiritual hierarchy is a lie. A lie created to divide people into spiritual haves and have nots. I for one will have no part in it.

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