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Explaining my atheist claim II

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Dear Lottie,
  Well thank you, first of all.  As to me not being an atheist, a good friend pointed out to me that I am an even worse atheist than I was a Christian! Its true.

But I feel like atheist is more accurate than any other term because “There is no difference between a God who will not act because of his nature and one who cannot act because He doesn’t exist.”

If I call myself a theist, then the next logical question is what does this person of God want from me?  The answer I get is sacrifice. I spent the first 25 years of my life sacrificing, throwing away things and people that were valauble to me.  It was misery in the name of Joy, pain in the name of Healing, and despair in the name of Hope.

Maybe I can put it best in an analogy.  Pretend that tommorow a new best seller tops the charts, its called, I am your God by Kevin Bacon.  This book claims that I can have a personal relationship with Kevin Bacon if I just say I believe in him.  That his spirit will comfort me when I am broken and he guide my life. He is everywhere, all knowing, and all seeing.

Now, until the publishing of this book, I beleived in Kevin Bacon.  I saw him in movies and heard about him on TV.  I always trusted that even thought I have never met him in person, only seen his image in movies, that he was real.  But now everytime I meet a group of Baconites, they claim that Kevin Bacon is at there Church.  When I get there, there is no Kevin Bacon.  “He’s in all of us” they say.

Soon, people are being healed in Kevin Bacon’s name.  Other people are so upset that that start murdering Baconites in the street.  The movement grows.

Now, the most resonable belief at first was that Kevin Bacon was just an actor.  Then when absurd claims were made, the most resonable belief becomes that Kevin Bacon is a real person, who wrote a crazy book.  But there comes a point…  Extrodinary claims demand extrodinary evidence.  There comes a point when the claims of the Baconites are so aburd that the evidence of Kevin Bacon’s existence is no longer the most reasonable view.  Maybe there never was a Kevin Bacon, it must have all been movie magic.

Hmm, this has weirded me out about the legitmacy of the existence of God or Kevin Bacon so much that I think I will stop here.  This makes me see further flaws in my argument, and I’m not sure if that means the argument is wrong and thus its statement, or if it is simply a lousy argument for a true statement.

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  1. I totally understand what you’re saying! You make some very interesting points and I enjoyed this post very much (and not just because it had my name in it Haha…).

    Please understand that I wasn’t trying to say that you’re not an atheist. Only you can know that, and only you can decide if that’s what you want to call yourself. I was just trying to help you sort it out, if I possibly could.

    I’ll keep checking in! Thanks for another nice post!

    Comment by Lottie | August 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. Oh yeah… nearly forgot…

    As much as you’ve obviously thought about all this, you may already be familiar with Deism. I thought I’d toss it out there anyway, just in case. If nothing else, it’s interesting to read and think about.

    Comment by Lottie | August 22, 2008 | Reply

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