Ronin of the Spirit

Because reality is beautiful.

Deutschland Ho!

Today, was my first full day in Germany.  I woke before sun began to shine futilely on the fog.  Drinking my morning coffee on the balcony, I watched the cars cut through the mist on the road in front of my suite.   It was a bit chilly, low 40’s to me, around 5 to them. I went to various offices to receive and give out various bits of paper.

At the end of the day, I took a walk.  Fine, black gravel paths weave in and out of the stands of trees and woods that spring up all over the base.  The paved paths are hexagonal cobblestones instead of plain concrete.  They curve and twist instead of going in straight lines, complimenting rather than dominating the landscape.

I stopped under a stand of trees where some birds were calling into the gathering night, listening to their music intertwined with the whisper of wind in the trees.  Far away I could here the roar of a jet being getting a test run. Its a throaty, rich noise, full of power and the possibility of menace.

As I stood there, I experienced something I am not sure that I have ever felt about a place before.  Instead of wanting to change this place, I’m just happy to be apart of it.  I don’t want to be the boss here, I’m happy with here.  I just want to be me.  I just want to live.

Its an awesome feeling, in the old sense of the word, like standing at the base of a mountain, or the top of huge waterfall.  I began to have this feeling when I stepped out of the plane.  The Frankfurt Airport, was enormous, bustling, and silent.  There was an “at-peaceness” that hung over the place like a cloud.

It’s my first day.  Some of this will pass; I have a very mercurial personality, which is on the upswing right now, but first impressions are so important, and Germany has made an enormous first impression in me.

I wonder what I will learn here.  What spiritual journey can I have here in  the crisp air and beautiful land?  What can this culture teach me about what it means to be a human, an American, and ultimately myself?  What meaning and purpose can be purchase by a man without religion?  And at what cost?  How will my atheist world view and deist theology serve me in this new place?

I been excited for the future before and rarely excited for the present, but this something special and wonderful.


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