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Obama completely sells out homosexuals for some favorable coverage.

The following are articles which talk about Obama choosing Rick Warren to do his presidential inauguration.

Something that, to me, is going mysteriously unmentioned is this: Rick Warren claims to be Rupert Murdoch’s pastor. (1.) (2.) (3.) And that Obama sat down with with Rupert Murdoch and agreed to to quid pro quo agreement.  Fox News, which belongs to Rupurt Murdoch would provide more favorable coverage of Obama if he would work with Murdoch on somethings. (4.) (5.) Murdoch said during this interview “leadership was about what you did in the first six months” (5.)

Obama then says, in what is seen by my many as a slap in the face to gays and lesbians. (Click the 4 links listed in the first paragraph.) that Rick Warren would do his invocation.  Rick Warren’s book A Purpose Driven Life is published by Zondervan, which is owned by Harper Collins, which in turn is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.  (6.)

So, let’s see.  Obama meets with Rupert Murdoch and agrees to a quid pro quo agreement for more favorable news coverage.  Then, he hires Murdoch’s own pastor, (Who has increased Murdoch’s 8.3 billion dollar worth (7.) by uncountable millions with the best selling non-fiction is history (30 million books) to do his invocation.

And then, I hear people saying they are suprised by his choice.  How much advertising for Rick Warren is a presidential invocation worth? How big of a cut does the owner of Fox News get?  What does Obama get in exchange?

Who cares.  Let’s bury those questions in the homosexual rights debate.

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  1. I think you have to remember that Obama, as a President, is obligated to represent all Americans, of all population groups. Groups may or may not agree with each other. Invocations are given by pastors from some church or organization. So, although Rick Warren would not be my top choice either, he does represent a population group in the USA, just like gays do.

    Comment by Marianne | December 20, 2008 | Reply

    • Um. No offense, but did you read any part of the blog but the title? The issue I am raising is the fact the so called conservative media and the so called liberal president seem to put their differences behind them to seize power. A free press is one of the checks and balances we have. If the president makes quid pro agreements with owner of a major new outlet, you don’t have a free press, do you?

      Comment by truthwalker | December 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. I understand what you are saying. I was stating what would have been his response, if you approached him.

    I did not vote for Obama because I did not trust him. A bad tree produces bad fruit. So you are just looking at his “fruit” now. Who Obama makes alliances with, and for whatever personal reason, is reflective of his basic values. Everything here is for personal gain. It has nothing to do with freedom or rights. Expect more inconsistencies.

    Comment by Marianne | December 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. Ma’am, I read your blog. Feel free to comment on my site, I won’t censor you at all. I disagree with you on almost everything, but wish to regularly have you comment, because I have an immediate affection for you. I used to believe what you believe, all of it. Now, I don’t. There is some joy and peace in what you believe. But I’ve found more where I am now. Please keep reading.

    Comment by truthwalker | December 20, 2008 | Reply

  4. Thank you for your welcome mat. Oh really cool. I never know who is reading my blog. It is nice to have athiests come there too. I love atheists. I have worked with them in the very liberal, University system for 30 years. I have come to know their complaints. I have spent much time in thought trying to find a way to answer hard questions, and resolve difficult issues.

    It is very tragic at this time. The bible predicted 2000 years ago that there would be a great falling away in the faith. It gave hints as to why.

    Today we see this all come true. Many atheists are that because they have turned away from the false Christianity that they see. THere is sin, hypocrisy, pride, greed, lusting after money, general ignorance, lack of compassion, etc. One big thing is that the leaders have no answers for basic bible issues, because they do not spend the time they should, in the Word of God. So people are turned off.

    A loss of faith is a traumatic experience, and it is the fault of the false church. What I adhere to is what Jesus taught and lived. I help others for free, and spend my time with lost causes, rejects, and the poor.

    I also spent some time “away” from the faith, because as I would put it, when I went to church, there was “nothing there.” Church was dead, and a disappointment. But I did pursue my faith on my own, and found a personal experience with God I would not trade for anything. As I see others “turned off,” it makes my heart ache some, although I know they experience some relief getting away from the deadness and falseness.

    I encourage you to always seek the truth of something and to question things. I hope you will finally find what I did. Finding the truth can be an exciting journey, and filled with upheaval, at the same time.

    Comment by Marianne | December 21, 2008 | Reply

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