Ronin of the Spirit

Because reality is beautiful.


I wish the me I am
could be as good as friends
with the you that you are

As the me you thought I was
Was with the you I thought you were.

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Long hour blues

As I’ve said many, many times, on this blog, I was really depressed around the time I was in highschool. I wouldn’t say I was depressed after that, not the dark black blanket over my whole life that real depression is, but I got pretty blue from time to time.

Well, right now, I’m working 60 some hours a week.  I can’t tell if I am having a hard time getting up and going on with my day because I am really tired physically, or if I am having a hard time getting up and going on with my day because I am blue.

I really miss having time to spend with my family, time to go to the gym, time to ride my bike to work, time to eat with my family, and time alone, but I don’t know if my feelings about being at work all the time are getting me down, or if the simple, physical lack of rest is causing it.


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The Ubuntu-mobile II

OK, so that’s Ubuntu.  And here’s why the open source car people are full of bologna.

What they are calling open source means they provide CAD/CAM drawing of the car, and these drawings and plans are open source.  That’s dumb.  Open source cannot be applied to the tangible.  Open source is a response to closed source.  Closed source = intangible.  You can’t open source the tangible.  If you can put a tape measure on something a measure it, by it’s mere tangible existence its already “open source”

You can open source software because it’s code is intangible. You can open source the die of a microchip because blueprinting the die is so bloody difficult it rates as intangible.

You catagorically cannot “open source” something you can blueprint quickly and easily.

Further, remember that Linux was developed by brilliant professionals doing what normal folk cannot.  Normal people CAN make car bodies. Fiberglass + Bondo + elbow grease = car body.

The hard part of car design, the things you really need professional help for is emissions and crash standards.  To control emissions you need software running on an Power Control Module (PCM.) There is one open source PCM available and it cannot be used on emission control vehicles because it has not been EPA approved.

Crash standards can be suggested by computational anysis but require regirous testing.  Once a basic chassis granted DOT approval the blueprints of that chassis could be open sourced.

But without EPA stamp on the PCM and engine, plus DOT approval of the chassis, the car is dead in the water.

The active community of users with wikis and forums and blogs is development of an effective product, not the cause of it.  The open source car, as it stands is a joke.

Finally, since cars do not reproduce flawlessly like software, a certify agency will have to put a stamp of approval on cars to show that they are open source compatable, and therefore, EPA and DOT approved, as well as sharing parts interchangability with other certified cars.

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The Ubuntu-mobile I

I wish I could buy an Ubuntu car.

Now, there are people out there working on what they call an open source car, but I’m not super impressed with any of them yet.  Further, it think their basic premise is flawed, or frankly, stupid.

Open source is a response to closed source.  Had closed source not started it all, open source would not have had a reason to exist.  Let’s look at the cause of open source, Microsoft.

Microsoft wrote DOS.  DOS lets people talk to the computer, but DOS is still pretty obtuse.  Microsoft makes a bunch of pretty pictures than normal people can use, and those pictures can talk to the DOS to talk to the computer. That’s windows.  Windows was really popular, and computer code is easy to reproduce.  Microsoft, like all good companies was interesting in making profit for its owners so it took steps to make it hard to sell and reproduce the code that many thousands of Microsoft programmers had worked very hard on and need to be paid for.

Linux was created as a substitute for DOS, not for windows.  Essentially a guy named Linus re-wrote a old operating system for mainframes (Unix) into a new operating system for PCs.  He did it because he thought computers were a force of capital G Good in the world, and he didn’t want Microsoft’s bottom line to get in the way of people being able to use computers.

Later, just as Microsoft developed a graphic user interface for DOS, a graphic interface would be developed for Linux.  If fact many would be developed, the most popular is called Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is the most popular because it is, for all practical purposes, NOT Linux.  Though Linus’s original code is buried in Ubuntu, it has been improved by thousands of highly skilled programmers working tens of thousands of hours.  Further, Ubuntu contains a whole bundle of pre-packed goodies that make it a functional windows replacement.  Those goodies were all developed by yet more thousands of programmers working tens of thousands of hours.

Despite the fact that Ubuntu was developed for free, it was not developed by amuteures. It was developed by some of the best programmers in the world over a period of years, and in some parts of the source code, decades. (The original Unix kernal was written in 1969.)

What the programmers did was what you cannot do. They did the very hardest parts, the most esoteric parts that take the greatest level of technical proficiency.

Finally, Ubuntu has a tremendous support network.  Wikis and forums which explain each step in plain detail.  If you can’t handle that, often in the forums, there are links to blogs which will explain tiny steps in stupefying detail.

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The sugar system.

One of the unique things about being human is that we cannot do anything that we can’t conceptualize. The amount of sugar is something is really hard to visualize. Even if you say something like “Contains 18 tablespoons of sugar per serving” it doesn’t necessarily help me. I have no idea what a pile of 18 tablespoons sugar looks like, or what 8 oz looks like in different glasses. Useless, I say.

So, her is my proposal for a rating system for the sugar in drinks. The standard will be Mussleman’s apple juice. It’s a plain old, everyman’s sort of apple juice. The sugar level of this standard apple juice will be 1.0. Then all other drinks will be rated by that standard.

Cranberry juice .2

Coke 3.0

Pepsi 3.1.

Orange juice 1.1

Starbucks Frappuccino 2.9

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A bit more truth

In my last post, Truth about Truthwalker, I talked about how my opinion doesn’t mater, and how I I’m not likely to change the world, so I’m not going to work my butt off on a project that has very unlikely pay off, its a poor investment.

What I am NOT going to quick doing, for the most posts, is blogs like the one I did on nuclear power, where I spent several weeks educating myself on it before I formed my thoughts about it.  I’m not going to make statements that can be argued with, for the most part, because it doesn’t matter.  No one who wants to disagree with me will choose to understand what I am saying, and no one who agrees with care why, as long as I agree.

I’m going to blog my opinion and not facts.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, everyone is NOT entitled to their own facts.  That way I can still get ideas out, I can still write, and I can still share, but I don’t have to take hours of time away from my family doing research no one is going to read anyway.

Often this will make posts a lot shorter, and probably more frequent,  as I just sort of machine gun out all the weird ideas I have throught out the day.

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The Truth about me.

So, a quick explanation of why I haven’t written much.  I realized the key to happiness.  I tried to fight the realization.   I tried to find holes in it.  I tried to disprove it.  But the more I thought about it the more I knew it was right.

Happiness is feeling powerful.

We are happiest when feeling powerful, and most miserable when feeling powerless.

We have shallow friendships because having people around that we feel better than makes us feel powerful.  Shallow friendships (which will be the balance of most of the people we are friends with in this life) are like knick-knacks.  They give something to do while you putter around, and make the place more interesting.

We have meaningful friendships because those are the few people who by their commitment to us enhance our power.

People form into groups to get access to power.

Religion is all about power.  The question every religion answers is what must I do to have access to divine power?

Religious groups complain about the state of society because they look back to a time when they had more power, and feel the lose keenly.

I have very little power over the world.

I thought before I wanted to change the world.  I can’t.   It doesn’t mater what I think about abortion or murder or government.  I don’t have the power to write policy so my beliefs about these things change nothing on the whole.

I’m not rich, I’m not famous, I’m not powerful.  Thus no one cares what I think, particularly if I disagree with rich, famous people in positions of power.

The only things I have power over are not system wide, they effect mostly just me.  I have some control over my attitudes, and much control over my actions.  That’s it.  There is no point in knowing a ton of stuff that I can’t do anything with.

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