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Poverty and riches

It’s strange not being shatteringly poor anymore.  As a mater a fact, due to years of training from being we-got-the-tax-return-yeah!-we-can-buy-another-years’-worth-of-rice-from-sam’s club-poor, we are so careful with our money, our current income, only comfortable to our peers, feels like independent wealth to us.

I am typing this on the same Linux computer I bought 2 years ago, but on a flat screen.  As the computer booted up, the screen was obsidian black, and I watched myself watching myself in the reflection, smiling at the coolness of it.

Money does not buy happiness, tis true.  Money buys options.  Some of those options lead to happiness some do not, but when you have money you have more options. The fact I have a flat-screen does bring me a tiny measure of happiness, I always wanted one. But the real happiness I find in what I buy is not the things I buy, but the fact I have the option of choosing to buy or not to buy them in the first place.

The world is funnel, with the big end out.  Right now,  at this very moment you are making one decision about various options.  That one choice will end certain options, and bring you to new set with a single new decision to weight them.  Far in the future, the funnel is very wide.  You have a few options open right now, but those options produce options, and whole thing fans out like the delta of a river.

Poverty makes for a narrow funnel. You have less options, which leads to you less new options, and then sometimes you cross a line, and their isn’t a funnel anymore.  There is just a slow conveyor belt to misery.

So, no. Money does not make me happy.  Money gives me the ability to chose, that ability, not what I do with it, is what makes me happy.


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  1. I definitely agree with this! Ten years ago my husband and I were living off my $8 an hour daycare paycheck and his tiny monthly stipend as a grad student. Today we can afford for me to stay home with our kids. We have been very frugal and responsible with our money over the years. I’m not into “stuff” at all. I love books, but that’s about all I splurge on these days. It is very nice to know, especially in the midst of this economic crisis, that we have options and security.

    Comment by lesleehorner | June 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. Ag! Sorry it took me so long respond. Buy yes, thank you for commenting. Nice know I am not the only person who went through that to get to the other side.

    Comment by truthwalker | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. Yay for being able to splurge for art supplies!

    Comment by ladyrebecca | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. Very wisely-put. Options, independence, are the greatest freers of our minds. We feel we are free to choose, we allow ourselves the joy of that moment, in turn, incurring momentary – or sometimes, prolonged – happiness.

    Comment by Natasha | July 2, 2009 | Reply

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