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The Plasticity of Christian Doctrine.

Religon does not create man’s ideas about himself, it is merely the repository of them. Once upon a time, it was a sin to say the earth revolved around the sun.  Versus were given, heated arguments were had, probably some people died.  It was an important issue to the Church not because it actually mattered, but because of the church’s fear that it was a slippery slope.  But eventually, the public opinion changed.  Gradually more people accepted the heloicentric view of the solar system, and the Church changed God’s mind.

No we look back and think, “Oh those silly people, good thing us Christians have well reasoned faith now, based on biblical doctrin and not silly church policies.”  In the days before protestantism, CHristianity functioned much like single party state.  You could have any viewpoint you wanted, as long as it existed within the Chruch.  Sometimes the Church would come down on weird ideas instantly, sometimes they waited generations to cry “Heresay!” and sometimes they got accepted in to standard doctrine.

Modern, American Christianity is more like parliment then a single party.  You can believe whatever you want as long as it is one parties social norm.  Through an informal consensus over the years, overall doctrine is worked out by “shoe democracy”.  Religion is a service, and church which produces a product no one wants, will have it’s members walk out.  Churches which produce products people like have people walk in.

In one way or another, its always been this way.  Here is a list of ideas that were all once seen as biblical, and are all now refuted by the bible as well. (Almost as if the Bible was hodge-podge of purposefully vauge documents which one can project almost any meaning upon through symbolism.)

The earth is the center of the  universe.

Baptism for the dead

The intrinsic morality of monarchy

Anti-death penality

And let me add one more. Homosexuality in the church.  It’s coming.  Doctrine is all made up.  People decide what they want to believe based on feelings, then find the verses they need to back it up.  In another 100 years, Christians will look at people keeping homosexuals out of the church with the same disgust and horror that Christians now view racial slavery (Only 3 generations ago, defended by Christians.)

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has already announced this, in this article.  Verses in the Old Testament about homosexuality will be dismissed by their context (which also says to beat children to death who habitually disrespect their parents, and that its OK to sell your kids to get out of debt.)  And verses in the New Testament will be said to mean something else, and in 100 years the “new” meaning will be orthodoxy.

That’s what happened to Catholic church (why Protestantism isn’t rebellion) the Jewish law (why Christians aren’t circumcised) the heliocentric theory, divine healing, etc, etc. It’s almost like the Bible is just used to add the authority of God to whatever argument the Christian wants to win, regardless of actual content.

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  1. I’m skeptical of your theory that the Church will essentially one day accept homosexuality. While I myself have NO issue what-so-ever with homosexuality and in fact have gay friends, I don’t judge any of my gay friends for their life choices, nor do I think they will burn in hell for it. I do believe the Bible does clearly state and condemn homosexuality as a sin in both the Old and New Testament. Sadly, it’s one of those things where the Church will forever fail to see that we are all God’s children and just because according to the Church or God, that we’ve sinned or made bad decisions, that we are forever condemned. I believe that if the Church wants to continue to disapprove of homosexuality because of writings by the apostles, then so be it. But I don’t think they should close their doors and refuse to worship with perhaps in their eyes the “fallen sheep”. Oh our typical Christian churches… judging everyone around then, refusing a place of worship and fellowship, and yet still living in sin themselves. How I miss the Church!!

    Good Blog dear friend!

    Comment by Sui Generis | August 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. I can see where you are coming from on this, and maybe it will take 100 years. It is also possible that since homosexuals only make up about 4% of the population the church will never truly need to accept them (from a business perspective alienating more than 4% to get a 4% minority is a lousy investment.) But I would point out that your point theology itself is an example of the church accepting homosexuality. 100 years ago, no one would have said what you just said!

    Comment by truthwalker | August 24, 2009 | Reply

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