Ronin of the Spirit

Because reality is beautiful.

Thank you, I do.

Why do people take a compliment and put “You think you’re so…” in front of it.

You think you are so smart/hot/funny. I mean don’t you want to be smart, hot and funny? I know I do. If fact I think I AM smart, hot, and funny. But there is no safe answer.

If I say “yes, I do. Thanks for noticing.” they get mad

If I say “When have I ever said that I was that?”they get mad

If I say, “Sorry, I try to consider myself as stupid, ugly, and boring from now on” they get mad.

If I say “Only compared to some people” they get mad

If I say “Well, yes I do. Do YOU think that you are stupid, ugly, and boring? No? See, why would I?”

I think next time I will just cry. I’ll hug my knees and rock back and forth and say “Mommy said I was the smart one. Mommy said I was the smart one!” Until they put their hand on my back and then I’ll yell “DON’T TOUCH ME, STOP TOUCHING ME!” Then I’ll run sobbing outside crying “Stop looking at me!”

Or maybe not. Any ideas?

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