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Micro Fiction

Jet lag is still getting the best of me.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open much past 2000 local and passed out. At 0315 local, I couldn’t sleep anymore.  It’s 2028 now your time.  Apparently, 8:30 PM is a lousy time to talk to my friends on facebook, so I’ll just blog my dream.

Laura Gene smoothed her wavy blondish hair behind her ear.  Her mother had always said “Girls don’t sweat, they glow.” but apparently her mother had never tried to unpack two tons of boxes alone.  She was sweating a lot, soaking the small of her back, and stinking up her second favorite ratty old t-shirt.  The real problem was her glasses.  Sweating made here nose slick, and her silver rimmed glasses slid right of it, which in turn meant they had to be pushed back up, which in turn, caught the little wispy hairs by her ears, which in turned tickled her flushed face.  As she swung a cardboard box down from the stack and carried into the kitchen for unpacking, she looked out the window into the back yard where her kids were playing.    The angle was wrong for her to see, but her oldest son was clearly talking to an adult leaning on the fence.

“Eric, you know better than to talk to strangers,” she muttered under her breath as she hurried out the back door to see who it was, violently shaking the blinds on the window as she let it slam.

Laura Gene was conflicted.  She was mad at Eric for talking to stranger instead of telling her someone was there, but glad that he was so confidently talking to this man.   She was also pretty pissed at the stranger for walking up to her back fence and talking her son, but maybe he was neighbor it was OK for him to just walk up?  Her shirt was still clinging to her back as walked down the overgrown path that connected the back door to the gate.  She pulled is straight as she walked purposefully.

“Who’s your new friend, Eric?”

Eric paused his four year-old’s prattle, his eyebrows knit together.  Obviously he had been so busy talking he hadn’t asked.  The man, who had been leaning over the fence to listen, raised his head very slowly.

“Jacob,” he said quietly.  “Eric, could you go play over there with your sisters so your mom and I can talk?”

Laura Gene felt the world was spinning around her.  It was him.  Where before he had worn his hair in thick locks, it was now shaved to the skin.  His shoulders, once nineteen year old narrow were now twenty-five year broad, but it was undoubtedly him.  His chocolate brown eyes, hidden behind thick glasses when she knew him, were now free to be seen clearly without a lens over them.  His eyes carried a century of pain in his young face.

“LG, why didn’t you tell me I had a son?”

She looked him over.  There was a thousand things she wanted to tell him, a thousand times she’d thought of him over the past four years.  She’d heard he joined the Army, but somehow she’d forgotten what that meant.  Forgotten his hair would be gone and that he’d be lean and tall like this.  She’d heard he gotten married but she hadn’t expected the ring on his finger to hurt like this, like a knife in the guts.

“I’ll pay child support, with back pay.  I just want to be part of his life,”  he said, still looking at Eric.

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