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Illegal immigration

This is NOT a response to Pr3na’s blog about illegal immigration in India. I can’t speak for India (nor will I try to), but I can for the US.
Illegal immigration is fought for several reasons

1. Some people don’t like immigrants, period. In many countries, (America not included) a person may only move to a country if it can be proven they can get a job. They can only get a job if it is legally proven that all efforts have been made to higher a native.

2. People have ideas about law more rooted in childhood fantasies than in real life.

3. People believe it is not fair for people who have not paid into the system to collect socialist benefits (such as social security). In essence they think the collection of government benefits by non citizens is fraud.

4. People believe illegal immigration is analogous to a “gateway drug” and that people who engage in it are more likely to commit other crimes.

5. People believe that the lack of a tracking and screening function places the US in danger.

And here are my responses to the above arguments.

1. “Nepotism is the showing of favoritism toward relatives and friends, based upon that relationship, rather than on an objective evaluation of ability, meritocracy or suitability” As human beings and Americans, we have an obligation to not prefer people who were born here for no other reason than their being born over here.

2. Making a law does not make people obey it. In the USA most car accidents are caused by illegal activity of some kind, yet there are around 17,000 per day. All those laws don’t make people obey laws. People chose to obey laws or not, as the situation warrants. Whether the law is not going 35 MPH in a 25 MPH zone or not crossing a shallow stream in the middle of the desert, (our Rio Grande) people weigh the risks to benefits and do what they want.

3. The statement, “It is not fair for people who have not paid into the system to collect socialist benefits,” is a true statement, made false by its association with the immigration issue. It has absolutely nothing to do with immigration. What about people on disability who never put in what they take out? According the Social Security Admistration 40% of disability cases are fraudulent. Thats more than 10% of the entire US government budget. Since I don’t hear any cries to have this fixed, but I hear about illegal immigration everyday, I can only conclude that the complaints of handout fraud are about who is getting it (immigrants) and not the fraud itself.

4. There had been no proof found that illegal immigration is a “gateway drug” to other crimes.

5. If everyone entering the country must be screened before entry and then tracked afterward, where will it end? Will the children of those immigrants be tracked as well? Since we are a nation of immigrant’s children, it is pretty obvious where it would go.

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