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My mistake the “oh what profit that Galilean fable has brought us” is bologna. It has been thrown around so many times with “sources” of the other times that it was said cited as the source, that it appears to be true. But it is not. That Catholic Church has always claimed that this quote was falsely attributed. There exists such a quote but it is from a fictional parody that has been falsely identified as a historical document.

This page tells the story of this bogus quote, and I guess I can put myself in ranks of 2-bit skeptics who cynically assume that since the quote fits the personality of the Pope that is is true. It’s not. I apologize, it was sloppy research.

However, the charge that he was a homosexual stands

(1.) G. A .Cesareo, Pasquino e pasquinate nella Roma de Leone X, Rome, 1938
(2.) “He was appeared highly effeminate” Catholic Encyclopedic 1917 (and all proceeding versions)
(3.) C. Falconi, Leone X, Milan, 1987

As far as him raising money by selling indulgences, I shouldn’t really have to cite that, as it was why Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the door . You find that in any history book. But particularly paragraph 15 of the Catholic Encyclopedia article on pope Leo X also puts it quite clearly.  I prefer to use Catholic sources to make statements about the Catholic  church.

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An open minded and politically active Christian Leader.

Least anyone accuse atheists of not being religious, I give you, direct from Pope Leo the Tenth…

“Oh, what profit that Galilean fable has brought us.”

He was also a practicing homosexual.  Who says catholics are are closed minded!

He was patron of the arts too!  He rebuilt a historic church (St. Peters.)  He did it by selling get out of purgatory for free tickets, but hey a guys got to make living.

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