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Thoughts on the election

Pretend a man walks up to you on the street.  He holds up a bat.

“I’m going to brake your left kneecap or your right kneecap. Which do you want me to hit with the bat?”

“Neither,” you reply. “I don’t want you to hit either of my kneecaps.”

“Well, too bad,” he says. “You have to chose which kneecap I’m going to hit.”

“But I don’t want you to break either of my kneecaps!” you yelp.

“Look,” he explains, “I have to break one of your kneecaps.  There’s nothing you can do about that, but I am trying to be nice and let you choose which kneecap you want broken.”

“It’s going to be horribly painful!” you yell.

“Well, yes, but it can be slightly less painful emotionally because of the choice, you know,” he replies.  “I’m giving you a choice here, you don’t have any right to complain.”


He clucks his tongue and cracks you across the nearest kneecap.  It shatters instantly, and you fall on the ground writhing in pain and screaming.

He shakes his head as he walks away. “I just can’t abide people who refuse to vote and then complain about the results,” he says to himself as he walks away, bat in hand.

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Sarah Palin makes McCain slightly less hideous.

So, I don’t have much to say tonight.  Just my further distrust of the Republican party.

We have now all heard of The Honorable Sarah Palin.

So, let me understand this. The Republican party had a female candidate married to a minority (1/8 Eskimo) raising 5 kids one of whom has Down Syndrome, lifetime member of both the PTA and the NRA, who’s husband is an oil field roughneck and commercial fisherman.  She has a history of attacking oil companies for unethical behavior, and cutting taxes.  She is against nonclinical abortion.  She was the 2nd place in the Miss Alaska competition, and is an avid hunter and angler.  She has also possed for Vouge.

The Democrats had a minority candidate who is probably the best orator since John F. Kennedy Ohhhhhhhh no!  What could the Republicans do to counter that?  I know, lets give Father Time a chance at the presidency!  One more fat bloated white guy is sure to win over the nation’s hearts and minds.

Seriously.  In the most image dominated society in history, they actually decided to run a man that looks like a melted candle again a young, charismatic, sharp dressing black guy.  Sarah Palin was literally “Miss Congeniality” in a regional beauty pageant, for crying out loud!

We are all going to hear a lot about how she doesn’t have the experience, how she doesn’t get international politics, blah, blah, blah.  And you know what, I am sure, at least three old spinsters in Cleavland, Ohio give a shit.

This is not 1776. This is not 1876. This is not 1976. This is the 21st century.  With the exception of a few issues, American’s could care less.  People use phrases like “But what about her stance on international law?” to hide the fact they approve or disapprove of a candidate based on

(1.) Gun Control

(2.) Abortion

(3.) Taxes

(4.) Handouts.

(5.) Homosexuality.

All this talk about “Does Obama have the experience, does Palin have the experience, muh, muh, muh…” is so much verbal masturbation.

People don’t like to be informed, its far to painful.  People like to feel informed.  This election isn’t about who is qualified to lead, its about who can smile pretty for the cameras. This is why celebrity gossip gets more press than world news!   One of the most beloved Republicans of all time is Regan.  An actor.  AN ACTOR! Does no one else get this?

I am not being pessimistic, I am being real.  The presidency of the United States has always been an image job, that was the intent of the framers of the constitution.  Congress has the real power, the president is chosen to be the face of the US to other countries.  We aren’t electing a leader, we are electing a spokesmodel.  And the Republicans gave us…. McCain.


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