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Sarah Palin’s bigotry and ignorance revealed again.

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So, presidential vice presidential reject Sarah Palin has announced that the failure of her campaign was not caused by her own, or her party’s incompetence, but by 30 year old bloggers, still living in their mom’s basement, wearing their pajamas all day.  There is sooooo much wrong here.  I told this to my wife.

First, the thoughts of my adorable wife.  “Ya know, not understanding a new medium cost the Republicans the 1960 election when Nixon looked like a zombie on the first televised election. The Dem’s got TV and ran the country.  Then in the late 80’s early 90’s when talk radio was new medium the Repubs really got it.  They came to totally dominate talk radio, and used it as platform to achieve a Republican house, senate and presidency. Now, the new medium is blogs, and it’s like the Republicans just don’t get it again.”

I couldn’t agree more, though my first thought was not nearly as deep and reasoned.  My first thought was that Palin is a total bigot who has no opinion gained by any reflection at all.  She is walking repository of pop culture knowledge with no depth whatsoever.   I mean, seriously: 30 something, mom’s basement, pajamas.  I think the good governor has confused the pop culture image of hackers, with bloggers.  Smart people don’t assume that the pop cultural image of something is the solid truth.

I have a lot for friends who are bloggers.  I have on my blog list, an independent political theorist, an older mom, a new mommie, a rocket scientist, a nuclear physicist, and doctor of etymology, a philosopher, a doctor of linguistics, a pastors wife, a militant lesbian and many more.  Their ages are between 50 something and 20 something.  One is my wife, one a coworker, one my sister, and many I have never met in person.  Bloggers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of education.  There are as many different kinds of blogger as there are different kinds of people.  

But, I guess that Sarah Palin, who through years of Christian training hypocritical thinking, has learned to pass ridiculous judgements on people she has never met, wouldn’t think twice about assuming that everyone who spends time online is a socially retarded failure.

She then accuses us of losing her chance at the presidency vice presidency. 

She didn’t need our help.

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